Mid-Year Portfolio Review Assignment for Advanced Art - Mrs. Marianne Galyk

This assignment is to encourage you to reflect on your accomplishments this semester and set goals for what you would like to accomplish during the second semester.

Use Adobe Spark https://spark.adobe.com to create a digital portfolio. Sign up for access using your Google account. It’s going to ask you if you want to create a Post, Page or Video. Create a PAGE.

Reflect on the questions I've given you and decide which images would best support each answer. Include your answers and photos of supporting work in the Adobe Spark presentation that you create.

30 points total



Use Adobe Spark to create your portfolio: https://spark.adobe.com


Make it visually appealing, readable, and ORGANIZED so that I can easily find the information in the order I asked for it. (5 points)


Title Page (3 pts. TOTAL)

Images included are up to you.


Example: "My Freshman Year in Advanced Art" (1 pt.)


Title or subtitle should include your name to identify your portfolio. (Example: by Marianne Galyk) (1 pt.)


WHY did you take Advanced Art? What were you expecting to do or learn?

Minimum of two (2) sentences. (1 pt.)


The choice of layout is up to you but make it visually appealing and readable and ORGANIZED so that I can easily find the information in the order I asked for it. (5 points)

Project Work (5 pts.)

What piece (or pieces) are you most proud of that you have completed this year? In what ways has your art improved this year? Use as many pictures and text inserts as you need to explain yourself. (5 pts)


Art I Am Most Proud Of: My Clay Bird

I'm most proud of my bird sculpture. It is the largest thing I have made with clay and the most complex. It was my first time doing a hand built ANYTHING and I think I was successful. I especially liked it after it was glazed, although I was really nervous about glazing for the first time.

Possible Evidence:

Sketchbook, rough drafts, practice pieces, pieces in progress, final projects.


Which project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on? Why? How would you do it differently? (Include an image of the project.) (5 pts)

In what artistic behaviors do you do you think you have demonstrated the most improvement? Pick your top two (2). Explain in detail how you have demonstrated them in the course of your work. (Include images that back up your claims.) (5 pts. each)


Set a goal or goals for your artwork and this class for next semester. What would you like to accomplish? Is there a media you would like to become proficient in? What kinds of works do you want to create? Something new you want to try? BE SPECIFIC. (2 points)

Be SPECIFIC. Do NOT Say: "I want to be the best I can be in art." Say something like: "I want to finish a large clay sculpture." or "I want to become more skilled and create more realistic paintings in acrylics." Set a "measurable" goal!

Your choice of image for the conclusion. Could be a photo of you working, or a piece of your art.

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