All black everything-Poetry analysis by: elan faubert

Summary- The song is Lupe's vision of a world where racism never existed. He gave the image that slavery and discrimination, and other problems in society never happened. He wants to leave the idea of racism behind and go on to succeed in life.

Theme- The theme of this song is racism. It gives the audience the massage to not let anything hold you back no matter your color or beliefs.

Elements of poetry- Repetition: " stayed in Africa" "so there were no slaves in our history" "dream" "attack" are repeated throughout the poem. These phrases are restated to get the point across as important and symbolic to keep culture and to not let history hold them back from success. He had a dream to keep them focused on the future.

Tone- "we ain't never leave" "i had a dream" "close our eyes" These phrases were stated. Overall the tone is embracing, motivational and hopeful to give this idea that racism happens but with little fear we can overcome it.

Diction- "slave" "history" "crazy" "dream" "exploited" "feared" "destroy" " together" "understood" and "future" are words used throughout the song. These words lead our minds into thinking what made the song or the message they are trying to give the listeners. It allows the audience to feel a certain emotion witch in this case is motivation, dedication and depth.

Literary devices- Alliteration-" Slave Ships" and "Hip Hop" : these words have the same re occurring letter in each word next to each other. This gives the emotion of rhyme and flow to let the viewers feel the vibe of the song or in this case let them follow the rap through alliteration.

Simile-" Everybody rappin' like crack never happened" : This is a simile because it is using the word like to compare the way they make music.

Personification-" so there were no slaves in our history and cause racism has no context" This line uses human characteristics to bring the feeling out the audience to get important points across.

Thanks for listening !!


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