The Journey to find Love By: alejandro platero


Odysseus gets to the land of the cicones with his hungry men. Odysseus said to his men to steal the Cicones food and get back. Odysseus's men decided to stay and eat there. The cicones village people went to their city army and told them that odysseus and his men were stealing their food. The cicones army went to the village and attacked Odysseus and his men. Odysseus and his men got to take some food and left as soon as they saw the cicones army.

Lotus Eaters

After the Cicones Odysseus gets to a land where there are plants called Lotus eaters. He told his men to get water and find food. 2 of his men went to find food but saw the plant, they decided to eat it and they forgot what they were doing, and they kept on eating and forgetting. Odysseus went to find his men and saw they were losing their memory and eating the flower. He carried or dragged his men to the boat and his 2 men wanted to eat more and stay.


After the Lotus eaters, Odysseus sailed with his men. He ended up on a land with water and sheep. Odysseus and his men found a cave and went inside, and decided to stay there for the night. they found food inside the cave and they decided to eat it. The cyclops came in and was confused on why they were in his cave, but the cyclops ate 2 of Odysseus's men. Odysseus's men were scared but Odysseus wasn't. He gave the Cyclops wine and told him his name was nohbdy, and the cyclops went to sleep. Odysseus and his men got wood and burned it, and made it to a kind of a spear and carried it and stabbed it into the cyclops eye while the cyclops was sleeping. The cyclops went up and yelled to his brother s that nohbdy was hurting him. Odysseus and his men went under the sheep and climbed them and escaped the cave. They went running to their boat and escaped, while Odysseus was taunting the cyclops.

The island of Aeolia

After the encounter of the Cyclops, Odysseus found an island and he and his men wanted water, and there was streams and rivers on that island. As he is getting water, he encounters Aeolus, the god of wind. Aeolus tells Odysseus that he wants to help Odysseus get to Ithaca. Aeolus gives him a bag containing the winds, he tells Odysseus that he will get home in 3 days. Odysseus gets on his ship and tells his men that they'll get to Ithaca in 3 days and doesn't tell them what is inside the bag, but tells them not to open it. As they were going to Ithaca, his men think treasure is inside the bag, and they open it and all the winds come out and it takes them to an island.

The Enchantress Circe

After failing to arrive to Ithaca, Odysseus is mad at his men for betraying him and tells them to go find food. His men went to go find food, but find a palace, and there standing was the enchantress, Circe. Circe invites the men in and give them food and wine. When the men drink the wine they turn into farm animals., except one, he goes back to Odysseus and tells him what happens. Odysseus decides to go by himself and see Circe himself. Before he gets to the palace Hermes, the messenger god, tells him to eat a plant that will not get him turned into an animal. Odysseus goes inside the palace and see's Circe, she give him food and wine. He eats it and Circe notices that a god helped him. She invites him into bed. Odysseus stayed there for many months, then Odysseus asks Circe how to get home and she says he need's to go see the blind prophet, Teiresias, in the land of the dead.

Land of the Dead

Odysseus goes to the land of the dead, and find Teiresias and tells him he will sacrifice a lamb if he tells him how to get home. Teiresias tells him that he will encounter many more things and he will lose all his men. After Odysseus goes back to his ship.


As Odysseus is crossing the sea, they are about to encounter the Sirens, Circe told them that the Sirens sing a beautiful song that no man can't resist to hear, that it hypnotizes you, and the sirens eat you, and that no man has ever lived when they hear the song. Odysseus told his men what the Sirens would do and he gave them cotton to put to their ears so they won't hear the song, but Odysseus wanted to hear it. Odysseus told his men to tie him and don't untie him no matter what until they can't see the island where the Sirens live. As they passed the Sirens Odysseus heard them singing and told his crew to untie him but his crew wouldn't. When they passed the island and didn't see it, Odysseus' crew untied him.


After the encounter of the Sirens, Odysseus had to get through either Scylla or Charybdis, Scylla is a six headed monster that has shape, poisonous teeth, it has to feed all of its heads to stop eating. Odysseus decided to go through Scylla and lost 6 of his best men because, Scylla ate them.


Odysseus had an other option if he didn't want to go through Scylla, which is Charybdis. Charybdis is kind of a hurricane that swallows everything and nothing can escape it, not even a god. If Odysseus went through Charybdis he would lose all of his men, the ship, and even himself.

Cattle of the Sun God

After the encounter of Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus ended up on the island of Thrinakia, the island of the sun god, Helios. As they landed on the island Odysseus told his men that they had to not kill Helios's cows, because they would pay. They did not have very much food left only wine and bread that would last for a couple of days only. When they ran out of food, Odysseus' men went fishing but could not catch any fish. Odysseus went to pray to the gods and when he left, Eurylochus, one of Odysseus' men, said that they would rather die in any way then starvation. Odysseus' men got one of the fattest cows, cooked it, and ate it. Helios smelled cooked meat and saw Odysseus' men and told Zeus to kill Odysseus' men. After Odysseus and his men get on their ship and sail once again.


After eating the cattle of Helios, as Odysseus and his men were sailing, Zeus strikes a lightning bolt to Odysseus' ship and all his men die except Odysseus himself. Odysseus wakes up on the island of Calypso, the nymph, and is kept not entirely as a prisoner for 7 years. Hermes the messenger god comes seven years later after the arrival of Odysseus on Calypso's island and says that she needs to release Odysseus. After, Calypso goes and talks to Odysseus and tells him that he can leave. Odysseus builds a ship and when he is about to leave Calypso offers Odysseus immortality if he stays and also says that she is way more beautiful than Penelope. Odysseus says that he would stay and that she is more beautiful than Penelope, but that he just needs to see his home, then Odysseus leaves.


Odysseus goes swimming to an island and when he gets there he covers himself with leaves and goes to sleep. Odysseus is found by the daughter of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, and is fed and brought to court. He tells his story and how he got there and tells them after that he needs to get to Ithaca. Alcinous give Odysseus a boat and directions to where Ithaca, and Odysseus leaves.


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