RIS - 58 Years Mr Matt

Blue whales are interesting and beautiful animals! Blue whales are the largest whales in the earth. They are danger by people because people kill blue whales for food,oil,and many things.

a really big old blue whale...

Blue whales eat tiny food and tiny shrimps called krill,and other tiny creatures and small fish, stick on the plates and eaten by the blue whales.

The top left picture is a krill's body....moustache looks like a whale's baleen...

Blue whales have a very thick body with a huge head. They have a long flippers at each side, a small fin on the back, and a huge tail. They are blue-gray in color.

Blue whales swim all over the world’s oceans. Some blue whales stay in one area. But most migrate huge distances every year. They migrate because when the weather is cold it can go to warn water and when the weather is hot it can go to cold water.

In this book you read about blue whales how they are in danger, how they eat, how they look like, and where they live. I write this book because I want people to stop killing blue whales.

Created with images by vwcampin - "The Big Blue Whale - Circa 1994 - Catoosa Oklahoma" • IrishErlina - "Krill" • izik - "Pretty sure I could eat krill like a whale with this thing." • NOAA Photo Library - "anta0062" • mwlguide - "Tillman and Krill001"

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