The Story of OGRE. Off. Grid. Renewable. Energy.

It all began on cold, snowy, and Wyoming day, after a customer called to order new solar panels after the wind literally twisted and shattered some of their solar panels in the field, leaving their well site without any power.

Winters in the Northern Rockies are intense, with average wind speeds of 30-40 mph and gusts exceeding 60 mph, not to mention the snow and dust that accompanies that wind. This type of sustained strain is tough on man and machine alike.

And so OGRE was born. From the need for reliability, durability and maximum power 24/7.

We designed the OGRE products to be tougher than the rest, and made improvements to the size and thickness of the frame and the junction box for durability and ease of installation.

Snow removal crews work 24/7 to keep the roads open during harsh conditions of heavy snow and wind. These conditions require tough products.

"We installed the OGRE 90 watt panels on our worst wellsite, and after two weeks of cloud cover, we never had to travel out to the site."

"The OGRE panels were the best at absorbing the sunlight, out performing the previous panels even when the weather was poor. That saves us both time and money. -Buyer for WBIP in Montana & North Dakota"

Many wellsites across the U.S. are "off the power grid". All run from renewable energy, primarily solar and wind power.

Tough conditions can be a "real OGRE" on products. So OGRE ENERGY was born.

During the winter of 2012 there was a bad ice storm in North Texas that knocked out power for nearly two weeks to a large area of wellsites. One of our customers had installed OGRE solar panels and batteries, which kept the wellsites running off-grid without any interruptions.

This saved our customer millions of dollars, with no down time on their wellsites, where other systems failed, OGRE prevailed.

The OGRE Solar Panel is designed with an extra heavy gauge anodized aluminum frame that resists torque created by extreme winds.

Back-contact design enables OGRE panels to achieve conversion efficiencies of 19-23% for our monocrystalline models, as compared to leading off-grid panels that typically range from 10-15%. Higher efficiencies mean more power per square meter.

FM Class 1 Division 2 Certified for Hazardous Locations.

After the OGRE solar panels were a huge success, we created the OGRE battery. It's tougher than rest, a real OGRE. Proven in actual field locations of -60F and +100F to work for years.

“The OGRE battery is awesome. The price is right and the battery life is excellent in the field. I have OGRE batteries that have been in the field for three plus years and are still running strong. I prefer the OGRE battery over any other brand.”

-Leroy Martinez, Senior Automation Technician for EnerVest Operating

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