RIDGE YOUTH SD HQ Media and Info for our time of social distancing, and our careful steps back. #RidgeNeverStops

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Welcome! We've been putting up a lot of content recently and developed some new ways of meeting, learning and having fun. We figured compiling all of these opportunities and the media we've made into one location online would be helpful. Please browse around and check back often!


Connect With Us through REMIND by texting "orumc_ridge" to 81010. See Social Media info in link above. Contact Harrison Hart (Director of Student Ministries) at 423.507.7492 or harrison.hart@oakridgeumc.org .

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High quality Video Projects featuring Biblical content, fun and thoughts to digest for your week... contributed by Student Leaders!

VOL. 10 The FREEDOM Project (5/31)


VOL. 9 The FUTURES Project (5/17)

VOL. 8 The FAMILY Project (5/10)

VOL. 7 The FOLLOWERS Project (5/3)

VOL. 6 The FRIENDS Project (4/26)

VOLUME 5 - April 19

VOLUME 4 - April 12

VOLUME 3 - April 5

VOLUME 2 - March 29

VOLUME 1 - March 22

"Virtual Sunday" on IGTV:

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Contributed by your Ridge Peers, Student Leaders and Adults!

June 5: Emma Sarkisian

May 27: Taylor Ann O'Connor (Devo 2!)

May 22: Kaitlyn Austin

May 20: Jeff Pritchett

May 13: Anna Rollins

May 11: Ted Shelton

May 8: Harrison Hart

May 4: Ashley and Logan Cox

April 29: Anna Grace Rogers

April 24: Kaitlyn Sumner (Devo 2!)

April 22: Nathan Fury

April 17: Katie Keller

April 15: Emily O'Connor

April 10: Good Friday

April 8: Katelyn Hawley

April 6: Johnny Van Kemp

April 3: Kaitlyn Sumner

April 1: Taylor Ann O'Connor

(You DON'T have to be an INSTAGRAM user to view any of our IG Videos if you follow the links provided above!)

IG Live Story Prayer Breakfasts w/ Harrison

Every Tuesday Morning on our Instagram Story, 10:30am. Includes a devotion, live comment discussion and time of prayer for requests offered.

May 5: The Beatitudes (Matthew 5)

April 28: Good vs. Merely Perfect (Mailboxes and Moving)

April 21: God's Character Traits (Psalms 103 & 145)

April 14: Not Our Will (Jason Gray Song "Through")

April 7: Restores our Soul (Psalm 23)

(You DON'T have to be an INSTAGRAM user to view any of our IG Videos if you follow the links provided above!)

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Virtual Sunday, Live Prayer Breakfasts and Devotional Minutes from your peers (see "Content Videos" in Navigation)
Fun Challenges, Games, and other Interactive efforts
References to Artists and Speakers' Profiles for further encouragement
Updates on Upcoming Activities, Plenty of pics from Current/Past ones!


Updates for families on upcoming events and schedule
Reposts and Shares from IG Devotional Minutes
Links to Recent Pictures and Videos


"Virtual Sunday" Videos: Discussion, Worship and Fun for Distancing Period, Contributed by Student Leaders!
"Ridge Rundown" Videos: Talkshow style Youth Recap and Announcements (During Standard Schedule)
Update, Check-In and Announcement Videos
Music and Lyrics playlists to connect you with encouraging beats

Photos on FLICKR:

More expansive sets of Ridge Pics from weekly Youth, events and trips!

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Ridge Music and Lyrics Videos on Youtube

Featuring music referenced by your peers in "Devotional Minutes," included in "Virtual Sunday" Volumes and other songs or artists that are encouraging for this time!

Ridge Curated Playlist On Apple Music

Discover something new on the "Ridge Q List"!! Featuring music from devotions and other encouraging beats essential to this time (and you DON'T have to have Apple Music to listen to previews).

We'll keep adding to this regularly!!!

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!! SUMMER 2020 !!

That's Right - it's time to start taking some steady (but careful) steps back toward having a blast together in person! We're starting by gathering small!

See the below document for the plan and info, as well as the dates we know so far!

Use the following Signup Genius to help view who is attending each small group trip...

Use the usual youth activity signup link or simply text Harrison to sign up for any activity INCLUDING SUNDAY EVENINGS.

Remain flexible as we will adjust based on updated guidelines and participation trends!

Note how Zoom will still be used in some cases AND CONTINUE to check out videos and content we post over the summer to further fuel your Spiritual growth!

Service Project: Quarantine Cards

A service of card writing for your older church folk, it's easy to do and a blessing to those in need of personal connection!

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Some thoughts and videos to promote understanding, from trusted Christian influencers. Will continue to add things we believe to be helpful.

We encourage you to take up the conversation, and seek to understand the issues rather than checking out before you consider them or an individual's personal account of unfair treatment.

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