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In my perfect house, a special room for gaming futuristic was the best asset. And this asset is a big room of virtual reality for playing games. This room is like a big green screen room but it's many sensors which records all your movements. A combination is required. A electrostatic shock technology stimulates the pains of the games but without any real consequences or wounds which are nevertheless an illusion.This room is compatible with the games console, like playstation four or xbox one and many computer. This house is equipped with robot. Robot intelligent servant. They serve you, they answer your questions, and if they do not have the answer, they look for you.They are equipped with an artificial intelligence that allow them to communicate and talk but also they can help you in difficult times. There is also a mini soft drink factory. Such as sparklimg water or branded liquors such as coca cola or pepsi or mountain dew. But the most important thing is a factory has money. Five dollars per hour.For the shower, no problem, we have a shower that gelifies on the body and disappears in a few seconds leaving you clean.


Created with images by oatsy40 - "House" • Leon Terra - "Dual Shock 4"

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