RFID Technology

Product Tracking and Logistics


By adding tags to the supply of warehouses, producers are able to more efficiently track their products around the world. This technology is a step above bar codes as it is able to provide real time information about products around the world. With the fast real time information given by the tags, producers are able to more accurately manage their products

Race Tracking


In races and marathons, RFID tags are able to follow runners along races without strenuous human labor. The new chips will be able to track the progress of runners along a path and can see when they cross the finish line at certain times without a human referee who may not give the most accurate information.



RFID technology can be used on clothes hangers and boxes to trace peoples interest in certain items. It is also able to determine which item a consumer selects and is able to display it on a monitor or mannequin. With the data provided from the chips such as amount of times selected and date accessed, producers will have more information to increase their profits.



By adding tags to books in libraries, they are able to check out books and track their locations with ease and efficiency. With the new tags libraries can check out books without having to deal with bulky bar codes and can locate and retrieve lost books.

Environmental Science


RFID technology can be used to track animals around the world without interfering with their daily lives. By applying a small weightless chip to an animal, scientists are able to gain data about the animal such as location, movements, and patterns. This information can be used to learn much more about animals from the comfort of our homes.


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