Sustainability Why is it good and how do we get iT?

This is a good example of sustainability

We all want sustainability, right. But why is it good. I am going to tell you three reasons why I think it's a good thing

This are the 3 reasons

Well my first reason is: I think sustainability is good, because we can have profit for a long-term of time. If you are greedy and hunt too much you only have profit for a short amount of time.

My second reason is, because it is better for the economy. If you are greedy you have to pay more money to bring that food or energie back.

If you hunt too much a species can extinguish. That is not good for nature because of the life-cycle. And if that happens we all can extinguish

The four things we can do to be sustainable

If we hunt less, we keep all the species. And then we are sustainable.

We can do more nature energy like sun-pannels. Then we use less energies that are bad for the Earth.

Lees smog in the air. That is better for the Co2 we breathe.

Cut less trees, because in that trees there also live species.

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