Book Report :The Last Wish By Ryan Milne

The last Wish, the first book in a series, by Andrzej Sapkowski is a book unparalleled. This book is like listening to Beethoven’s many symphonies. One minute you’re listening to the lull of all these magnificent chords, heartbeat, then the house is brought down you’re pulled in and you can’t remember when you picked the book up. You’ve finished the entire book in one night no sleep and now you have work the next day. This book is a great start to a series that has no decline in storytelling. If there is any writer worth looking into it is none other than this polish man right here.

The Last Wish is a compilation of short stories the first of which the witcher is supposed to be the first time you set eyes on our character Geralt of Rivia. Geralt is a Professional in killing monsters and lifting curses. His caste a witcher is one that is not looked highly upon by others. Many times he has found himself being shouted at by locals harassed and even attacked. Witchers are Humans that have been mutated and taught to kill monsters and have been stripped of emotion, not in Geralts case, In the first story the witcher Geralt is tasked with saving the princess, from a curse of course for the right amount of pay, from a curse. At night she turns into a Striga a werewolf/vampire hybrid that has killed people and many farm animals. Valerad, castellan of Wyzim allows Geralt to go into the palace to lift the curse. What transpires inside is a long in which he fights off the striga and then goes to the sarcophagus of the beast and then proceeds to lift the curse. that's just my synopsis of what happens to get the full unedited version you will just have to read the book. that was just one of many more books chalked full of imagery intense writing and love in the end.

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