Team Profile Group 13

Team summary: Our team consisted of Ella Blu Medich, Emily Mozley, Ashleigh Cunningham, Coco Remond, and Bianca Meli. Our team consisted of Ella-Blu Medich, Emily Mozley, Ashleigh Cunningham, Coco Remond, and Bianca Meli. Our question was: “In 50 years’ time, what do you think the Sacred Heart schools network of the education of women look like? How will it function?” Our first impression of the question that we had been assigned was that we would have to research and predict future technology and how education and society in general would change. This meant that our job would be complex and difficult, but also creative and fun. As we pulled apart the aspects of or question, we began devising separate points to focus on. For example, the changes in education in general, how our school has changed in the past, and how future changes will affect KRB. We tried to work to each person’s strengths to maximize what we could produce, such as asking people who were best with research to work on answering the questions, asking people who excelled in design to create the poster, and asking people who were good with technology to create the website. However, we also leant a number of new skills and discovered many new strengths and abilities by exploring different programs. Overall, project-based learning is a unique and fun experience which we enjoyed participating in.

Individual Member Summaries -

Ashleigh Cunningham

Ashleigh Cunningham: In the last week I have been working with my group, group 13. We have been working really hard as a team to deliver this project; I contributed to the research of the question, starting the Documentary and filming parts of the video. I have worked with Bianca trying to see what our pears and teachers point of view on our question and researching the past to understand the future. The past week has been a very exciting experience for me, i enjoyed trying a new way of learning and being in a group of people I would not usually work with. PBL was a fun and interesting experience, if i did it again I would organise my time for efficiently and make sure everyone got the same amount of work. I can’t wait until PBL next year, a chance to learn new things and work with different people.

Coco Remond: Over the past week our group investigated a very intriguing question. I belive finishing a documentary, website and poster in 5 days is an amazing achievement for 5 people to control. We all contributed a lot to our question to help answer it in full detail. I was in charge of writing the script and filming and editing our documentary. However I believe everyone successfully finished their own designated part. I realised this class task has helped me understand more about the history of our school and the changes which happen over the land. I also was the leader for a day helping everyone and making sure they were all on track with the task.

Emily Mozley: Over the past week I have been working with my group on the 3 main tasks, the documentary, the poster and the website. I helped to gather information about our question so we could put the info into the 3 tasks. I had a big role in the documentary as I helped film the interview and facts with help from Coco. I believe that our whole group had a key role to play and when we all worked together we were able to carry out the three tasks successfully.

Bianca Meli

Bianca Meli: During the beginning of project-based learning, I was admittedly a skeptic. I I didn’t see the point in the project. However, after a week of working with my group on exploring our question, I found myself not only enjoying the project but learning, too. I’d learnt how to film a short documentary, how to operate InDesign, and how to create an Adobe Spark website. I also learnt how to better interact in a group situation, and how to be both a leader and a team player. This project required us to be organised and improve our time-management skills, as we had to plan what we would work on each period. In conclusion, I enjoyed working on project-based learning and believe that it was not only fun but taught me many skills.

Ella-Blu Medich: Together as a group we have achieved great things. Having finished a documentary, poster and a web site page in the time span of 5 days. Each and every one of us took initiative in choosing a task for them to complete, whether it being writing the script for the documentary or putting the website together, we all put in stellar effort to get the job done and i am really proud of my group for doing so. My favourite aspect of the week was having the responsibility of finishing the task you assigned to the best of your abilities and the award feeling of doing so. I realised this week that a strength of mine is keeping a group together, i believe that my contribution to the group has been fair. I put the website together and aided those stuck on questions.

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