Lifetime 48" Backboard Model 73729

This backboard is one of our best sellers for a reason. It has a generous 48" horizontal width, a double spring-loaded rim with a cover plate, and works on most existing Lifetime systems.
The springloaded rim includes hardware to attach it to the backboard and a heavy-duty nylon net as well. Perfect for dunking - lasting for many years.
Will this backboard fit to my existing pole and what if I want to mount it to a wall or roof?

If you have an existing Lifetime brand system with a 3.5" round pole, Yes! This will be compatible.

If you have an existing system that is any other brand besides Lifetime, No. It will not work, but scroll down as we may have brackets might work for your application.

Adjustable bracket 1044 that works with the backboard 73729.

Mounts the backboard 73729 to a wall or a 3.5" diameter pole. The brackets are everything shown here in between the wall and the backboard.
These 1044 brackets mount to an existing 3.5" round pole that is at least 8.5' out of the ground. It uses u-bolts (no holes to drill) and is adjustable with a broomstick or pole.

Fixed-Height Bracket 9594 is Compatible with Backboard and Rim Combo 73729

This bracket mounts to 3 types of surfaces - a 3.5" round pole, a wall, or a roof.

The brackets are in this picture above - everything you see between the backboard and the pole here. If you are mounting the backboard 73729 using these brackets 9594 to a pole you will need to make sure the pole is 10.5' out of the ground. Otherwise, if your pole is shorter, the rim will not reach standard 10' height and you would need the adjustable brackets 1044 that allow you to mount the 73729 backboard to a pole that is 8.5' out of the ground.
Mount the 73729 backboard to a wall with brackets 9594. The brackets are everything in this picture between the backboard and the wall.
Use brackets 9594 shown here mounting the backboard to the roof. This is a generic backboard shown for illustration purposes, but these 9594 brackets are compatible with backboard model 73729. The brackets adjust to the pitch of your roof from flat or sloped.
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"We purchased this backboard as a replacement to an older board. Everything went as planned, delivered, hard ware intact and all went smoothly. For others replacing an existing backboard, I would highly recommend reviewing the shape of your existing hardware and backboard bracket and consider whether or not a new bracket and associated hardware is needed. I used the bracket and hardware from the old board and if I were to do it again, I would order new. Great purchase and quality product!" Rob_Ryan from New Jersey


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