Sartorial Selections for Delightful, Cozy Outfits (Nordstrom Edition) Because itchy clothes are the worst.

There's been an unprecedented change in our world, and every little bit of happiness counts, even if it's as trivial as putting on a soft cardigan that feels like a hug. As more of us face the prospect of working from home for weeks to come, I've reviewed some comfortable clothing options for staying on task for the days ahead. This is not a sponsored post — having extensive experience researching cozy attire, I thought I might share some of my best finds to make your long days a little more bearable!

I have sensitive skin that defies most attempts at appeasement; I've been seeking the perfect t-shirt, or cardigan, or lounge pants, or what-have-you, as far back as I can remember. Only cotton or cotton-blend (with caveats) will do. Ankle cuffs will be cut from otherwise acceptable joggers. Merino and cashmere are better off remaining on sheep and goats. Here are some loungewear and ath-leisure picks to make your self-quarantine chic, and above all, comfortable.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic™ Lite Circle Cardigan

Though it's not made of cotton, this cardigan is incredibly comfortable due to its brushed fabric. It has a good drape and is long enough to cover the backside. I own it in several colors and they've held up well over the years. Potential Cons:The arms are a little tight, so remember to size up. It may shrinks in the dryer, so air drying is encouraged!

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer

A 100% cotton, partially-lined, casual blazer for when you want to look a little more polished. This is not a substitute for the structure of a blazer or suit jacket — unfortunately, those sleek lines are only found on tailored wool pieces. Potential Cons: Requires a delicate cycle/hand wash.

Nordstrom Lingerie 'Lazy Mornings' Lounge Pants

We enter murky territory. Pleasant lower body garments, whether they be sweatpants, slacks, or leggings, are exhausting to find; they are notoriously prone to itchy seams and constriction.

These pants from Nordstrom are so soft that I own several pairs. They are made of a double layer of 100% cotton. Stretchy, soft, non-constricting, no itchy seams — you couldn't ask for a better pair of lounge pants. Potential Cons: 1. It has a raw bottom hem, but it's an easy fix at the tailor's if you wish. 2. No pockets :(

AG The Prima Crop Cigarette Jeans

if you need a nice pair of pants that are also comfortable, I recommend this pair by AG. They are made of a sateen fabric which is a blend of cotton, modal, polyester and polyurethane, with the softest, peach fuzz-like hand-feel and an ideal amount of stretch for maximum comfort. They used to make a cargo pant in the same material, for which I have trawled the recesses of the internet, to no avail. Be advised that the fabric is thinner than denim. If you shop around, you can find them in a rainbow of colors. Potential Cons: Not made of denim; if you are looking for classic jeans, these will certainly not fit the bill.

Madewell Whisper Cotton Ribbed Crewneck T-Shirt

Comfortable T-shirts should be an easy find, but most miss the mark in some way. My main gripe is the length, though I am quite short. Lately, I've been mystified to find regular T-shirts at more of a 'crop' or 'shrunken' length. I also take issue with 'pocket tees', which add unnecessary levity to an already casual garment.

This T-shirt from Madewell has a flattering curve hem and is very lightweight, which makes it perfect for layering. It is made of a slub cotton material, so it feels soft and worn in. It also comes in a large collection of colors. Potential Cons: None that I've found!

If you have any recommendations, please share, I'm always on the lookout for comfortable clothing.

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