Darwin Op the robot By: Davidson & Lenic

The Darwin Op is a little robot, that can dance, walk, play soccer, and it can do other things too.

The robot is black, has big blue eyes, and it looks like batman

It looks a tiny korean batman

It was used for humanoid research because it was made robotic research

It was made in south korea in 2010 by robotics

It has open hardware and software platform and it is able to recognize and track objects and stuff

It has a HD camera, three axis gyroscope, three axis accelerometer, stereo microphone and force sensors

It is 17.9 inches tall, and it weighs 6.4 pounds and it cost 12,000 dollar

1 advantage that it has, is that it is good for humanoid research and i dont think it has a disadvantage.

It is used for humanoid research, so we can find and discover stuff about robots and humanoid research

It can provide jobs, like robot fixer man, and coding man, and humanoid researcher

I think it will be altered to do, other things that are related to robots, because it designed to be a open platform form for robotic search

Darwin op mean Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot With Intelligence-Open Platform, and it is used for as tv character in korean drama series

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