silence of the lost Youth Homelessness in Canada

Homeless youth living on the streets flee dire situations, impacting their sense of well-being.
Teen girls end up on the streets due to abuse at home.
Many young girls are involved in the sex trade, consequential of street living.
Mural representing the alarming circumstances of youth in Canada.
Canada's homeless youth typically stay in large urban places such as downtown cores near shopping centres and subway stations.
Homeless youth travel from shelter to shelter when living situations get unbearable.
Poverty can be a detrimental factor in the circumstances of homeless youth.
Many turn to "Dumpster diving" as a means of getting food.
Enclosed spaces are used as shelters for homeless youth who are afraid of going to shelters.
Many deal with drug addictions or mental health issues and do not receive proper treatment.
Homeless youth on the streets tend to be overlooked by citizens.
Many homeless youth are profiled by the police and arrested.
Many times homeless youth are discriminated against by law officials just for living on the streets.
Many LGBTQ youth seek homeless shelters due to homophobic and transphobic bullying.
The number of homeless youth is a growing epidemic in Canadian society.
Would you stop to help a homeless youth?

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