The House On Vernon Way By: ryan king

Family issues

When I was born i was put up for adoption because my mother and my father did not feel that they could not have the responsibility of a child and live their lives together. This lead to two different families wanting me and family from California and one from Texas a.k.a. my aunt and uncle. After moving to my aunts and uncles a problem accord, my mom and dad were not staying together which lead to problem with seeing my parents and with my dad. My dad ended up remarrying causing him to start a new live and made it harder to keep in contact. When i was eight I finally met my father face to face. My father was nice and kind. I see my mother every Christmas and summer break. My aunt and uncle have done a amazing job at comforting me through these times and I wish I could meet my dad again.


The fourth 6 weeks of my 8th grade year i failed my first class Spanish. When this happened many things went wrong I got cut from the track team, I was ineligible to go to UIL for choir and right now I am be unable to play the first three games of soccer. There was one thing that surprised me and that was my parents the reactions that they had was not anger but a feeling of help and that they knew that I need help. Throughout the fifth 6 weeks my parents have made sure to keep me on my grades making me turn in work and checking my grades and if i didn't do my grades then i would be punished by being grounded. The same thing happened with my Spanish teacher Mr. Lang he done his best to keep me updated on my work I am working to make turning in my work as a first priority. I feel that failing wasn't a punishment but a lesson that bad things can come out of decisions but people will try to help to help to succeed.

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