ART MRs fuller 4hr by kyle redder

Hi my name is Kyle this is my second art class I had art at west last year and this year this class I really like always get help and very friendly class. What I have learned in this class I have learned a lot from doing line, shape,color, value, txture,horizon line and blending my plans after school is to work for Herman Miller in zeeland Mi.

This was the begging on the year drawing having to use try looking what u see and not what u think you see.
This was to help u try using the right and left side of your brain
This was my counter side of the room drawing
This was help to learn all about the elements of art
This was help to draw what u see and not what u think it looks like .
This was my hands drawings
This was my 2 stool drawings before and after
This was my nacative and positive drawing
This was my stii life scratching sheet what I was thinking of drawing
This was my main still life i would say this is my favorite drawing
This was my scratch board we did
This was my before and after self portrait
This was my corner of a. Street and towers
This was my stipling drawing I did of Nike shoes
Thai was my before and after self portrait from the side
This was my oil pastel of a still life
This was a practice sheet of all different teck nets of oil pastels
This was my practice drawing of a apple and pair
My conclusion my thoughts on this class is I really like this class and really liked how Far I have came drawing skills.


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