Intro to Political Geography By ; Zach mazur

Welcome to a brief lesson on Political Geography. I'm your, teacher, Zach A. Mazur. In this lesson we will cover Nations, States, and combinations of the two.

First I'm going to lay out some ground knowledge. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Nation is "a large area of land that is controlled by its own government", a State is " a politcally organized territory that is administered by a sovereign government abd us recognized by a significant portion of the international community. A state has a defined territory, a permanent population, a government, and is recognized by other states.", a Nation state is "a form of political organization under which a relatively homogeneous people inhabits a sovereign state; especially : a state containing one as opposed to several nationalities". These are the basics we will use.

A good example of a Nation would be South Korea. The majority of the population in South Korea is Korean and it has its own Government. By these few facts, South Korea is a nation.

France is an excelent example of a state. With a Permanent population, boundries, and being aknowledged and respected by other states, it meets all the criteria for being a State.

According to wikipedia, "Japan: Japan is also traditionally seen as a good example of a nation-state, although Japan includes minorities of ethnically distinct Ryūkyū peoples, Koreans, Chinese, and on the northern island of Hokkaidō, the indigenous Ainu minority." This means that Japan meets the criteria to be a nation - state.

Using your new found information, be sure to look out for these specific catergories with all of the world. Thank you for tuning in.

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