Eastern Woodlands Natural Resources and Geography By Saloni

Did you know who the people of the Eastern Woodlands were? Did you know where they lived? Do you know their geography or natural resources they had? The Eastern Woodlands streched from Maine to Florida.It is the longest area where the Native Americans lived in the United States of America. It is so long that Anthropologists divide it into two groups,Northeast and Southeast Woodlands.Do you think that you that you really know about these amazing people of the Eastern Woodlands?

The Eastern Woodlands region

Can you imagine the climate and geography in the Eastern Woodlands?The Native Americans had plenty of trees and dense forests in this place.They also had rivers,lakes and streams dotted all over the area. As a result of the abundant trees in both areas,the Native Americans encountered long warm summers,cold,snowy winters and a little rainfall in the Northeastern Woodlands whereas the Southeastern people faced hot,humid summers,mild winters and plenty of rainfall.

The above pictures show : far left the dense forests in the Eastern Woodlands and a river which are plentifully in the Eastern Woodlands. Middle, some Native Americans taking a break after hunting in the Summer sun for long. Far right,a Wigwam(traditional Native American house) covered in snow in winter.
A Native American village 

The region in the Eastern woodlands probably made the lives of the Native americans easier.They had plenty resources of water around them so many transported by water than land by building canoes.Birch was the main resource that the Native Americans would use to construct a canoe. It would make it easier for them than walking and bringing big animals such as bear and moose as they could place the animals in the canoe.Walking was another transportation and the most important.

2 Native American men traveling back to their tribe with a canoe after catching food

The most popular animals that native americans used as food were moose,deer,and rabbits. Many tribes grew corn,squash,yam,and beans thanks to the rich soil.

The most important food resources for the Native Americans.

Due to different trees on the separate parts,Northeastern and Southeastern tribes made different homes.As the Southeastern people had Birch more than any other trees,their houses were usually made of Birch bark.The Northeastern people had more of a variety and their houses may be made of Evegreens,Pines and Birch.

A wigwam,the most common house of the people of the Eastern Woodlands.

In many ways Birch is the most important resource for the native americans. They made houses,baskets,canoes,tools,pots,clothing ,and dishes from Birch or Birch bark.The husks of corn and squash they grew was used to make crafts,bedding,shoes and in ceremonies.

The two biggest pictures is of birch trees and corn husks which were the main resources for making art. Pictures below are items Native Americans made out of Birch and Corn Husks like pots,moccasins and a canoe etc.

The Eastern Woodlands people never lacked food or water as they had a rich vegetation around them.They didn’t have a lot of open area unlike the Plains people because forests grew all around them. The native americans cut down trees in order to farm. They never wasted their natural resources as they believed everything had a spirit. Water was plentiful in the Eastern Woodlands as fot the lakes,streams and rivers.

Native Americans using their resources cleverly.

The Eastern Woodlands was full of a diversity of animals.From seals,fish,otter,whales and beavers to deers,rabbits,caribou,bear and racoons. The Eastern Woodlands people also occasionally receive buffalo.All tribes would save food for winter as many animals hibernated and food was scarce.


In many ways,the region off the Eastern Woodlands is unlike any other region. They never lacked anything or wasted their resources. Their climate was very differing when the Northeastern Woodlands is compared to the Southeastern Woodlands.When the Europeans came many Indians lost their land and were forced to live on reservations. They adapted quickly and tried to fight back their land but their weapons were no match for the guns.Some also moved East and now the the path is known as the Trail of Tears.The Eastern Woodlands land is now mostly gone and some trees survive their as more people make their way to the land.Some Native Americans still follow their traditional ways as their descendents lived a 1000 years ago.Can you imagine yourself living with the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands?

The Native Americans flee on the Trail of Tears as the European Settlers steal their land.Some fight back but they are helpless because of the European Settlers mordern weapons.
Native Americans forced to live on reservations. They were forced to live in crowded conditions.


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People of the Northeast Woodlands





The amazing Eastern Woodlands

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