Creatures of the Amazon

In this museum, we will explore three displays of interesting creatures from the Amazon.

First Display: The Toucan

Toucans of the Amazon

The below photo is a traditional toucan.

Play the video below to learn about the toucan in the rainforest.

Please open the Website below to translate toucan to Spanish and listen to pronunciation.

Please open the Website below to see the toucan in Spanish.

The toucan was also turned into an animated bird for the following commercial series for a well known company brand.

Second Display: The Sloth

Sloths of the Amazon.

The below photo is a traditional Three toed sloth.

Play the video below to learn about the sloth in the rainforest.

Please open the Website below to translate sloth in Spanish.

In the picture below, the sloth shows its ability to blend into the jungle habitat.

Now, learn the science behind sloths turning green.

Now that we have seen the sloth, how do you get to see one in real life? Check out the sites below for tours and airline information.

Still interested in taking a trip, how much will cost? Most of the local tours are done using the local currency. Use the currency calculator below to see how much it will cost in dollars or the other countries currency. Remember, each country has its own currency.

Not sure if you are ready for a trip, its ok you can see "Zootopia" and watch them in the Disney film that has made sloths very popular.

Third Display: The Tarantula

Spiders of the Amazon

Below, lets explore the typical tarantulas that are found in the Amazon. They may come in solid colors or with knee stripes.

Looking for a size comparison of the common tarantula?, lets takes a hands on look.

In the past we have been taught to believe certain things about tarantulas. These creatures have played a role in many movies. First up, lets see how James Bond dealt with his unexpected visitor from the 1962 movie, Dr. No.

Now, look at the photo below to see one of the less common tarantulas in the Amazon. Note the size of this Spider.

Rumors of a carnivorous and aggressive tarantula have existed for many years. Does this big spider truly exist or is it just trick photography? Let's watch the video below from National Geographic.

Perhaps you are curious to see a tarantula on a rainforest tour. Now, courtesy of BBC wildlife, we can see how a native guide can capture a tarantula for a better view.

Looking to learn more about these creatures, how about a trip to the local nature center?

And finally, the movies just cant get enough use out of these hairy creatures. For the true " fear effect" , nothing seems to beat the man eating tarantula attack as seen in many films, including this episode of Harry Potter.

Now students should know fact from fiction on these creatures and they make great material for films and animation. Truth be told, if you have done your research you will see that these spiders don't spin webs and prefer to live in shallow dens. What does this mean?,...... always check your boots in the morning!


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