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Never before, an "infusion art form"... when the 'subject' isn't just the art piece, rather inconspicuously is the art.

The millininials' age of "selfies" and social media brought to my attention the inherent need to showcase ourselves to others. The advertising agencies have exploited this phenomenon for years. I've envisioned the "selfie" concept for the home decor.

For Interior Designers, this type of artistry is used for dispicting continuity throughout the theme...

My mom relented for years over an heirloom vase that I accidentally broke eons ago. Digital Motifs is conceived on the premise that those types of memorable artifacts can become immortalized with what we do. It's a whole new dimension for 21st Century art.

Suppose you owned a gorgeous necklace or bracelet that Aunt Margaret left in her Will. And, in the privacy of your own home, you wanted to show it off knowing that your guest would probably sigh at being made to observe a bracelet... Digital Motifs is the answer, for it is customary to compliment one on their choice of interesting art work.

You now have a conversational piece that opens the gateway to telling a story you want the world to know.

A private collection added to the family memoirs

Zherron is your personal Virtuoso and Artisan for memorabilia or artifacts

For interior designers, this new approach to visual arts, not only enhances the room itself, but promotes a higher level of continuity throughout the theme given to any space.

"Digital Motifs is not a business, it's a presence. . ."


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Room Designs, a courtesy of Google images in order to demonstrate only / Painting & artifacts by Digital Motifs

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Zherron Kidd

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