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Art designs through storytelling. Each motif has a real life history. . . This artifact descended from an oral history representing last of the an ancient civilization

Never before, an "infusion art form", where the 'subject' isn't just the art piece, rather inconspicuously is the art, with a history and/or story to tell.

The millininials' age of "selfies" and social media brought to my attention the inherent need and innate need to showcase ourselves to others. The advertising agencies have exploited this phenomenon for years. I've envisioned the "selfie" concept for the home decor. It too, tells the world who you are but in a brighter light.

My grandmother relented for years over an heirloom vase that I accidentally broke eons ago. Digital Motifs was born out of the need to have had something to immortalize a memory.

For interior designers, this new approach to visual arts, not only enhances the room itself, but promotes a higher level of continuity throughout the theme given to any space...

We make a Rembrandt of memories ...

Digital Motifs breathes new life into traditional African artwork with an Ultra Modern facelift...j

The late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing once stated, 'everyone should have African art in their home; it changes your consciousness...'

I am Sherron, your personal Virtuoso for memorabilia and artifacts. I’ve conceived this idea out the love of both art and history. I was a school teacher by profession, and a digital artisan by design and passion. My goal is to enable people to share their emotions with friends but through a healthier channel. The greatest gift to give someone, is the the gift of memories.

My rendition of an Van Gogh as an impressionist. This piece was done for a couple that wanted to keep alive the memory of their first home, as they moved into the new one. They gave us an old door knob to work with.

A beautiful glass artifact given as a Bridal gift...

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Room Designs, a courtesy of Google images in order to demonstrate only / Painting & artifacts by Digital Motifs

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