holi a HOLIday of colors a indian festivale By Aroosh


Do you love to throw coloured powder at people and squirt them with water guns and do different pranks with people

A hand full of colors


It is always epic to prank people, but what pranks can you do…? Well I will tell you.

Something you can do is put water and color in a balloon, and smash it on someone. Another thing you can do is put colors in people's shoes, and hide their shoes, than give it to them and watch how colors get on their socks. Also you can hide a bucket of color and wait to dump it on somebody's head. And you can throw colors on people’s head, but make sure you do not throw it in somebody’s eyes. And you can shoot people on the back with water guns and then run away. And much more, holi is the funnest holiday in world.

about to throw water balloons an people


In holi you can eat great food, and many types of food … If you do not know what food they eat I can tell you!

yummy butter chicken!

People mostly go to other people’s house to eat.They Mostly eat chapati with is a bread but it is round, they also eat butter chicken which is chicken in yummy curry they also eat curry which is yellow water and it’s kind of chewy, they also eat something called mati which is sweets. Most mothers are vegetarian. Some mothers do not eat in in the day, because they think gods will give blessings to their sons so they stay healthy and strong, so they are smart, and they live longer.

holi is the funnest holiday in world. kids and other people from all over the played it it is kind of like songkran which is a Thai festival.


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