Finland - Russia Cultural differences

Reading When Culture Collide was super interesting for example because of my family reasons :) - I found now scientifically proven some similarities which I have noticed IRL with my husband and his country fellowmen:

I recently read also interesting book: Intercultural Adaptation as a Dialogical Learning Process. Motivational factors among the short-term and long-term migrant by Irja Pietilä. Pietilä is against stereotyping. After started reading Lewis I didn´t know what to think because I thought that it was all about stereotyping. But more I read more I also understood. Stereotyping is another thing and giving tools to understand people and their culture by pointing similarities and also differences in their culture is another one.

In a travelling business it is important to understand and be culture sensitive. It is important in daily life. Understanding and learning about others don´ t give anything away from you - it gives you many things: self knowledge, courage, wisdom - and new friends (and new business opportunities if you are a businessa orientated person!)

I have had many Russian colleagues during the years and I wish I would have known all this what I have already learnt about Russian leadership and management from the beginning: Many conflicts and unpleasant moments could have been avoided! I am curious to learn more!

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