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The first Western Australia Colony is the Swan River colony. These are the ships.

This is the Western Australia Flag, yes, there are flags for the states. It has a swan because swan river was the first colony.

This is a drawing/painting of swan river. As you can see it looks like it's set when they first colonised it.

A birds eye view of the swan river. πŸ₯πŸ‘

Swan River Colony:

Q: Why did the colony develop?

A: Captain James Stirling entered the Royal Navy at twelve years old as a midshipman and saw action in the Napoleonic Wars. Maybe, I'm not sure, but maybe he wanted to start a colony and travel to another country so he could be like them.

Q: When did the colony develop?

A: May 2nd 1829

Q: Where did the colony develop?

A: Western Australia (Source used: Wikipedia)

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