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Several CMP member-supported films premiering in late May and early June!

Liz Garbus' series on the New York Times


premieres on Showtime May 27th

A chief task for The Times, long considered the "newspaper of record," is to find the best way to accurately and honestly cover this unconventional president, even as he tries to undermine them.

Through extraordinary access and exclusive interviews, Oscar® nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus chronicles the tenacious men and women in the trenches who are fighting for the freedom of the press and America's right to know.


THE TALE - premieres on HBO Tonight!

A narrative rather than a documentary, THE TALE is produced by GameChanger Films, a film fund for Women Directors of which several members of CMP are also investors! Our very own Steve Cohen is an Co-Executive Producer. Starring Laura Dern, THE TALE tells the story of a young woman's experience with childhood sexual abuse.

“This zeitgeist has also said that there is restorative justice here,” Dern said. “There’s reward in being a witness to something and using your voice, sharing your experience when you see multitudes of people come forward. That has really changed the conversation, that there is therefore less fear — through a piece of art that you make — to all have conversations together and hopefully allow it to be the groundbreaking time we all so desperately need.”


CMP-funded and DOC10 favorite WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR premieres in select theaters June 8th!


Any CMP Member interested in booking a block of tickets (20+) or renting out a theater for a screening (school groups, companies, parties, etc.) contact Eliza by clicking the button below.


Dystopia, Apocalypse, Culture War: 2018 or 1968?

"The upheaval of 50 years ago is hardly history at the movies — from zombies to concerns about male-dominated Hollywood, what happened continues to reverberate. In 1968, the world went up in flames, the auteur theory ignited debate, parental guidance at the movies was suggested, women in film were on the verge of a breakthrough, flesh-eating zombies hit the screen and American movies went to war (again). The world was watching, and the world was changing. Fifty years later, it can sometimes feel as if we are living in the sequel, or at least some kind of weird dystopian reboot."

#fortheWIN 2018

A NewFounders Conference

May 30th-31st

We are thrilled to be attending the NewFounders Conference on May 30th-31st. NewFounders is a coalition of leaders looking to reconfigure the political space - this includes major activist groups that came about in the months following the 2016 Presidential election, including the Women's March, Brand New Congress, Indivisible, Flippable, SwingLeft, Demlabs, Wall-of-us, and RunForSomething among others.

The upcoming #fortheWin2018 conference is a two-day meeting of the minds in Chicago, IL to discuss strategies, ideas, and to have breakout sessions designed to bring together leaders and activists from around the country aimed at coming up with a game plan for actionable change. Leaders will begin the day with informative and inspirational speeches, followed by breakout sessions and group discussions with leaders who are making change all over the country.

CMP CEO, Paula Froehle, will be serving as a Moderator for the Supporting Diverse Leaders Panel!

After the Conference, join us for the NewFounders Award Dinner

Featuring as an Award Honoree, CMP Board Member Vicki Heyman!

Next Up

Dinner & Docs July 10th @ Millenium Park

Featuring MAN ON WIRE

With a Special Performance by Tino Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas

Thanks to all CMP members for your support and belief in the power of media to bring about change.



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