Status on Reopening Mid-sun community association

Due to the ever-changing protocols and restrictions imposed by the individual levels of Government, we are providing the following update on our Community Centre.

As of March 16th 2020, all Recreation Facilities, including Community Centers, were closed by the Provincial Government due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The opening of these facilities are listed in Stage 3 of the Provincial Government’s re-opening strategy. No estimated dates are provided on this stage.

Although the Community Center is closed, we have recently been advised that we can open individual permitted services so long as we follow all rules provided by AHS, are approved by licensing bodies, and ensure that the remainder of the facility continues to be closed.

Out of School Care:  With this new information, we now know that we could re-open our OOSC, but due to the restrictions in place and the time it would take to ensure that we are truly ready, we do not feel that it is in the best interest of our program, our families, or our staff to re-open for a couple of weeks only to close it again for the summer. Our OOSC is a Provincially Licensed program and is mandated by that license to only be open during the school year. We are planning for a September re-opening - whatever that may look like.

Summer Day Camps:  Our Summer Day Camps are separate from our OOSC. It is not a licensed program but follows the majority of the same guidelines. Our Summer Day Camps could reopen as of June 1st; however, we are hoping for additional changes to the current restrictions in order to provide the best care and to ensure the same quality of fun for the kids and staff, while maintaining all health and safety protocols. On June 1st, we will make a decision on whether we will be running our beloved Day Camps (even though they will look dramatically different) or cancelling them completely for this summer.

Rentals or recreation programming will not be considered until the centre is allowed to open and we have had the time to review whatever restrictions are placed on Recreation Facilities at that time.

If you are interested in understanding what protocols and restrictions are currently placed on businesses of all kinds (Daycares/OOSC, Day Camps, Restaurants and more), please visit:



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