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William Shakespeare

He is the most well-known and enterprising poet, play write, and author in the history of English and the details of his legacy-of-a-life have fascinated people for centuries.

William Shakespeare


The Bards Early LIfe

Though the works of William Shakespeare are famous throughout the world, the early life of himself is almost a mystery. Shakespeare’s father, John, worked with farming, leather work, wood trading, and other professions. John was married to Mary Arden and had a son named William. Though there is no records of his birth actually existing, church records show that William Shakespeare was baptized " a Church in Stratford on April 26, 1564." (Lander). Keeping in mind, back then, when you were born, you were baptized. From this, it is assumed he was born on or around the date, April 23, 1564.


When He Started Writing

Once again, there is no exact date of when William Shakespeare began to write. However, the first appearance/performance of his work is said to be between 1589 and 1594. Given that he is the greatest English writer in all of history, his first play supposably hit a home run "The play attracting larger audiences than any other non-musical production in town..." (Anderson). William Shakespeare has had more theatre works performed than any other playwright. To this day, many theatre festivals around the world honor his work, and students memorize his poems or are handed puzzling assignments to make Adobe Spark pages about him.

William Shakespeare's Birthplace



Shakespeare died at the age 52 of, once again, unknown causes on April 23, 1616. The tombstone over Shakespeare’s tomb, located at a Stratford church, has a warning, some say, by the poet himself “Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones.” (Anderson). His remains have yet to be disturbed or touched, despite requests by archaeologists to reveal what killed him.

Stratford Church - William Shakespeare's Barial

He also with bringing new words and phrases into the English language – many of which we still use to this today. Such as the following: “Bedazzled” (Taming of the Shrew), or “Wear your heart on your sleeve” (Othello)

In his stories, he brings the audience to a complex cast of characters, displaying intricate personalities, in dilemmas andd sudden plot twists. Shakespeare wrote so beautifully, but dramatically and so clearly that even the most horrific moments could be played and portrayed with an true elegance that his rhythm needed and always demands. He was able to master several genres such as, tragedy, comedy and history. Often times combining three or more of these into a single play, which isn't something to look over upon. The result is a standard that that nearly all forms of dramatic works that are are strived for and written today.

With his 154 sonnets and poems, he drove into themes of beauty, love, rights, wrongs, and the truth. His legacy is truly endless. Not that much is known about his own private life, but what he shared with us is incredible and everlasting. He has be alive for hundreds of years after his death, and is more powerful now than ever before.


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