Making Better Choices. By Bailey anderSon.

In the modern day, 50% of Australia's products contain Palm Oil, which is found in objects like shampoos, chocolate, crackers, soap, hair conditioners and the list goes on. A ad was produced to convince Nestle to use environmental safe palm oil, but still, palm is still found in most chocolate confectionery.

What can we do as people to prevent this?

A big way to prevent this is to check labels for products that does not contain palm oil. Certain foods to avoid products that contain palm oil like mayonnaise and salad dressings. It has the world in huge crisis to prevent this as 85% of the worlds palm oil is exported from Indonesia and Malaysia, a big problem as this rainforest is cleared up leaving Orangutans, Elephant, Tiger and other variable species to die out slowly.

What will happen as a impact?

The impact of our choices could leave the orangutan to go extinct within the 5-10 years and the Sumatran Tiger within 3 years. It's very frightening to think of one of our closest cousins in the animal kingdom are to go extinct while we as humans, sit back and let our cousins go extinct. In total, tens of millions of tons of palm oil is produced annually, accounting for over 30% of the world’s vegetable oil production.

In response, elephants are retaliating nastier and thus resulting in rising death and injury tolls, as these animals fight for their home.

One idea would be that people should think of a way that they can plant their palm oil where there are not already any inhabitants. Another good idea would be to dispose of dangerous materials correctly otherwise they can cause a lot of damage to the environment.

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Bailey Anderson.

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