The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Refuge Data

total number of people forced from their homes: 65.3 million

total number of internally displaced persons: 40.8 million

top 5 internally displaced persons countries (and their totals) Colombia 6.9 million, Syria 6.6 million, Iraq 4.4 million, Sudan 3.2 million, Nigeria 2.2 million.

total number of refugees: 21.3 million

The Top 5 countries that refugees are coming from (and their totals) Syria 4.9 million, Afghanistan 2.7 million, Somalia 1.1 million, South Sudan 778,700, Sudan 628,800

The top 5 Host countries for refugees: Turkey 2.5 million, Pakstin 1.6 million, Lebanon 1.1 million, Iran 979,400, Ethiopia 736,100

Data about Syria

Syrian refugee stats

total population: 22 million

total refugees: 5 million

total internally displaced: 7 millioN

Syrian casualties: 1.4 million

What it's like in Refugee Camps

. An overview of what life is like in Refugee camps and what I think

What surprised you most about refugees living in Za’atari camp? What suprised me about the camp was how big the economy in the camp is and how many people they fit in to a small area

What are some of the biggest issues refugees in the camp setting were facing? What about those in the urban towns and cities? How are these struggles different? In the camp the biggest issue is finding a job of some kind because they have to work in the camp, outside of the camp refuges still have a hard time finding jobs

Key Facts about Refugees and the U.S.

Number of refugees settled in the US in 2016? 90 thousand

Average number of refugees over the past 5 years. 50 thousand

Top 5 sending countries?

The Congo accounted for 16,370 Syria (12,587), Burma (aka Myanmar, with 12,347), Iraq (9,880) and Somalia (9,020). Over the past decade, the largest numbers of refugees have come from Burma (159,692) and Iraq (135,643).

Top 5 receiving states?

New York, Texas, California, Michigan, Ohio

President Trump's immigration Ban

President Trump came up with a ban on travel from 5 different countries in the Middle East for a time of 3 months. His reason for the ban was to put America first and protect the people of the U.S.

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