Exams Post-Test Analysis w/ Office Hours Visit

For my Post-Test analysis I chose to speak with my engineering professor Dr. Putman, because this is the subject that I found myself struggling the most in. For the next test in this course, I plan on studying further in advance by doing practice examples in the textbook that were not assigned as homework. I will also have plenty of time to study while my friends drive us to Disney the weekend before my next test. That being said, I still plan on asking a friend to check my work, and will continue to practice in small increments up until the test, even after my long study session on Friday. I also plan on starting to attend UTA hours, as I have heard from many friends and professors that they tend to be more helpful than students expect. During this office hour visit, I was able to talk to my professor about problems that I was having and ways that I could get help with them. I explained that I had not actually finished a calculus course previous to taking this class, and he sat with me and helped explain the reasoning behind derived units and formulas. I was surprised at how quickly it clicked for me, and it helped me realize that sometimes we can't just figure things out on our own, as much as we think we can, and that the resources around us are there for a reason.


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