3rd Punic War BY: James Mulhollan


  • The Punic Wars were a war between Rome and a Greek city-state called Carthage
  • Rome and Carthage in the Battle of Carthage were about even on soldiers but Carthage had civilians a lot of civilians that could help them.
  • Rome had a better Navy then Carthage and Carthage bordered the Mediterranean Sea so Rome sailed on the sea and attacks Carthage
  • The Carthage army was so destroyed that they had do disband there military after the war
Rome doing a naval attack on Carthage

CAUSe Of The war

  • According to the religion that the Carthaginians followed they sacrifice babies to make the god happy
  • Rome did not like that they killed the babies
  • Also after 50 years of peace Carthage regained there strength
  • Carthage thought they could beat Rome so they declared war on them.

Rome's Attack on Carthage

  • Rome's attack on Carthage killed over 150,000 people in Carthage and enslaved 50,000
  • After Carthage declared war on Rome, they attacked them
  • Rome destroyed Carthage so bad that Carthage had to disband there military because no one was left after the war
  • Rome plowed all there fields with salt so nothing could grow there
  • They burned the whole town down
Battle of Carthage

Battle of Carthage

  • Battle of Carthage was the battle decided the destruction of the Carthaginian Empire
  • Carthage were kicked out after Rome took the city and build a wall around the city
  • While they were out of the city Carthage produced 300 swords, 500 spears, 140 shields, and 1,000 catapults daily
  • Even though Carthage broke through the wall Rome was to strong for them to handle
  • Rome defeated Carthage for the last time ended the Third Punic War

End of the war

  • Rome now ruled carthage
  • Carthage empire ended


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