Vitamins and minerals Kayla anderson

Water carries water soluble vitamins, regulates body temperature, carries waste products through and out of the body, and prevents dehydration.
The function of vitamin B is to help the body make new cells. Vitamin B is found in dark green, leafy vegetables. Without vitamin B you could get Spina Bifida.
The purpose of vitamin C is to protect the body against infection. It can be found in citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, and tomatoes. Without vitamin C you could get Scurvy.
Fat soluble is when something can dissolve in fat.
Vitamin K helps blood clot normally. It is found in dark green leafy vegetables. Without vitamin K you will have lots of bleeding and bruising.
Vitamin A promotes good vision, hair, and skin. It is found in red, orange, and dark green vegetables. Without vitamin A you could have night blindness.
Vitamin D builds and maintains bones and teeth. It is found in dairy products and sunlight. If you don't consume dairy you will get Rickets.
Vitamin E protects the membranes of white and red blood cells. It is found in vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables. Without Vitamin E you can have poor nerve connections and neurological problems.
Calcium strengthens bones and teeth. It is found in Dairy products, whole grains, and dark green leafy vegetables. Without Calcium, you will get Osteoperosis.
Iron makes red blood cells, and helps our muscles store and use oxygen. It can be found in animal products and dark green leafy vegetables. Without Iron, you could get Anemia.
Sodium and Potassium maintain fluid balance in the body. They can be found in salt, fruit, and vegetables. Without them you will get muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, or seizures.


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