Dublin, Ireland Part III

The fun's not done yet! With one more day in Dublin, my friend and I opted to explore areas outside the city's central streets. Strolling through the quieter corners of Ireland's capital was the perfect complement to the trendier tourist experiences of Dublin, Ireland: Part I and Dublin, Ireland: Part II.

What I Saw

Going Green

One of the first things I noticed about Dublin was the vibrancy of its vegetation. From the grass along the water to the moss between the street stones, the city's plant life is truly green. And not St. Patrick's Day green, but green green!

While I do associate Ireland with lush, rolling hills, I did not expect to find the same in the country's largest metropolis.

We learned, however, that the healthy greenery should be no surprise. Ireland experiences frequent rainfall and the country's plant life benefits. We were even told the easiest job in Dublin was being the weather man – because there’s always a chance of rain.

The Grand Canal

True to reputation, our Sunday morning in Dublin was a bit damp from an earlier shower, but that didn’t stop us from pursuing our plans. We started the day with a relaxing walk along the Grand Canal, a small extension off the River Liffey. After spending Saturday among the city’s crowds, we liked that our only company was the wildlife in the water.

The Grand Canal, off the River Liffey

What I Ate

Angelina's Restaurant and Deli

We didn’t have any luck finding food before our walk because all of the eateries were closed. It may have just been a typical European Sunday (where you can hardly find anything open), but my friend joked that it was as if the city was recovering from its own St. Patrick's Day weekend hangover.

Breaking for brunch along the canal, we stopped at Angelina's Restaurant & Deli, a hip spot with large windows overlooking the water. The food was good, the bacon was great, and for those feeling adventurous, my friend recommends the juice made from apples, ginger, and kale.

What I Did

St. Patrick's Festival

With just a few hours left in our stay, my friend and I joined the families of Dublin at the St. Patrick’s Festival.

The festival itself lasts multiple days and hosts many different activities. From cultural discussions to lively concerts, the full program of events offers something for everyone. Our time restrictions in the city, however, kept us from experiencing it all.

On Sunday, carnival rides and performers scattered the streets, and we took in the scene as the sun finally peeked out from behind the afternoon clouds.

It was the perfect way to end our St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Travel Takeaways

So, was it worth visiting Dublin during one of the city’s most popular events of year? I would say yes, and may even propose that it’s the perfect time to visit. Though St. Patrick’s Day weekend attracts too many tourists to count, it is also an opportunity for the people of Ireland to share their history and celebrate their heritage with not only each other, but with the rest of the world, too.

I wish I had had enough time to participate in more cultural activities, but I still think that I felt Ireland’s magic. My experience in Dublin has definitely inspired me to explore the rest of the country. Glimpses of the green vegetation and Irish Sea coast reminded me that there was so much more to Ireland than Dublin.

Destination Locations

Síochána, Grá, Baile Átha Cliath,


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