Snow leopards by Abbie

Please don't kill these animals.

Snow leopards have no natural predators as they are on of the main predators in their range.

Snow leopards have adapted to live in some of the coldest surroundings, that's why they have such thick coats.

Snow leopards are most active at dawn and dusk.

Please do not kill these animals, they are harmless unless you annoy them.

What do Snow Leopards eat? Snow Leopards are carnivores so they eat animals such as mountain dwelling sheep and goats, including Markhor, Siberian, Ibex and Urial sheep. These big cats are also known to target large prey (up to 3 times their own weight).


Created with images by Noel Reynolds - "Snow leopard cubs" • fxxu - "snow leopard leopard irbis" • Pixel-mixer - "snow leopard dormant predator" • SaraYeomans - "Snow Leopard" • skeeze - "snow leopard reclining staring ground" • Pixel-mixer - "snow leopard dormant predator" • Pixel-mixer - "snow leopards family boy" • aguileraevelyne - "snow leopard wild animal fauna" • smartart - "snow leopard head close" • Kazuhiro Keino - "Snow Leopard" • Traveloscopy - "Tibet - Snow Leopard Kris Madden" • strichpunkt - "snow leopard big cat cat" • Pixel-mixer - "snow leopard irbis big cat" • steffiheufelder - "snow leopard panthera uncia zoo"

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