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Sheridan Woodfin

Creative Writing

15, February 2017

Flash Fiction a Tale of the Lost Pup

People always wonder what it is like to be a dog, we get to sleep and eat and that's it. When I was born, being the smallest was hard. I would always get teased. I loved my brothers and sisters very much. It was time to leave the only pups who have been there for me my whole life. I didn't want to live with strangers, to a new strange house. What if there were big pups that didn't like me. It was the moment I got into my new ‘home’ that I decided, it was time to run away.

I'm a tree being cut down

I was awaken from my slumber by this loud roaring. As I slowly open my eyes trying to avoid the burning sensation of the bright sun, I feel a sharp dull pain in my side, it almost feels like a tickle but also like I'm being stabbed. This alarming feeling causes me to quickly open my eyes on high alert and I view the frightening scene in front of me. These stupid humans are cutting me down! Why, oh why are these dumb humans with arms and legs cutting me down?! I give you life, I give you oxygen! I am a home to so many wonderful creatures who are going to lose their only home. All for what? A piece of stupid paper? Oh human, why don't you give me any of the respect I give you? As I tired doing something about this catastrophe, I can't, I'm stuck as my whole life is being cut down right before my eyes.

Short story

Sheridan Woodfin

Creative Writing

March 28 2017

Mr. Marando


I heard the faint sound of yelling from a distance. I couldn't figure out what they were saying or who they were talking to. There was a booming ring in my ear that was so loud it clouded my hearing. As my hearing slowly comes back, i look around. There was smoke in the air and people running. As I stand up the smell of burning fuel sets my nose hairs on fire. I walk towards the scene. There was an arm to my left and a leg to my right, blood spitting out from each one. I walked towards the wreck of piled bodies and screaming children. There was a tear stained face on a little girl with quivering eyes. She was small, had to have been only about 9 or 10 years old.

“Are you hurt?” I asked, she shook her head no. I picked her up and walked some more. As I was walking through the piles of burnt luggage, my memory finally started to come back. At realization of what happened I was in shock.

My name is Sammie Waters. I was 17 when i died. It all started when I was a little girl. When I was born, I was probably the most unlucky person on earth. Let me elaborate, when I was 4 years old I found a penny in the hot sidewalk, now any four year old is amazed when they find anything- especially money. So being the child that I am, I picked up the penny and started playing with it. Well it turns out that the penny still has some hot tar stuck to it and long story short I ended up in the ER with a penny stuck on my finger. Then when I was in middle school, it was the school talent show. Every middle school girl at some point thinks she can sing as good as Selena Gomez, so I was in the middle of singing the karaoke version of ‘The heart wants what it wants’ and right smack in the middle of the song my microphone dies..DIES JUST TURNS OFF. So now I look like a loony person singing on the stage with a broken microphone. I was the laughing stock of the 7th grade. My unlucky life continued into high school and ended with the crash.

It was like my worst nightmare coming to life. I thought dreams were supposed to stay dreams. I guess some are too gruesome to stay in my imagination. Walking over to the train wreck something was different, I felt lighter in a way. People were running right by me like I wasn't even there. The little girl was in my arms was suddenly gone. I looked around for her but couldn't find her. I was running now, trying to find her. It was there I saw her body, she was lifeless, completely still. I was so confused, as I looked around some more I saw a familiar figure to the left of the little girl. It was me, my tall lean figure curled up and my long ombré blond hair all over my face.

“No no no this can't be happening” I say to myself in complete denial

“Sammie, is that you?” I turned around to see Charlie, the little girl I was holding earlier

“There you are!! Where were you I wa- wait hold on, how are you here and over there?”

“Sammie, we're dead.”

“ Charlie, now is not the time for jokes.”

“I'm not Joking! Look, that's your body, how are you here if you're also lying over there?”

She was right, we were dead. Everything came back to me. I remembered the train crash and the multiple cars that got destroyed. The train completely went off the rails and crashed into a tree resulting in the train being torn right down the middle. Many people died.

It's said that when you die you have 7 minutes of brain activity left, well not for me. I guess all I got was confusion from my ghost of a body.

“So we're obviously not in heaven, are we in hell?” I asked Charlie with caution

“Well not really, we're in purgatory”

“WHAT purgatory?? What does that mean?”

“It's between Heaven and hell” she explained

“So how do we get out of it?”

“well usually we have to do something to enter heaven”

“And how do I do that?”

“That's why I'm here”

Charlie explained that because of my self pity and selfishness of to my unlucky life she said that because I was always so focused on how bad my life is, and I wasn't worried about other people I was in purgatory. She said that by helping me, that was her ticket into heaven.

“So what do I have to do to get into heaven?”

“Well that's easy, all you have to do is find a lost soul and put them back on their path.”

“Their path?” I asked

“You know, their road to life, the one they will follow until they die.. That thing” she explained

“So who am I supposed to help?”

“That's up for you to decide but you only have 48 hours”

I had no idea who or how the heck I was going to help. With being a ghost angel thing or whatever I was, there were some perks. I could fly and walk through walls and all the movie stuff. I start thinking about a girl at my old school. Shelly Johnson was an odd duck. She was always very very cheerful and happy but I always saw her crying on her way home from school. I figured I was give her a visit and see how she's doing.

I flew to school and watched all my old friends, they looked sad and gloomy but they were doing okay. I spotted Shelly and followed her home, she was crying again.

“Hello there” I said In a sneaky but not creepy voice

“What who said that?” She responded with in an alarming tone

“Over here!”

She screamed and was in total shock, she was sooooo scared


“woah hey there let's not scream, but yes I'm dead”


“ dude I said no screaming. But I am an angel ghost thing that is here to help you get back on your path of life.”

“My what?”

“Your path, the one you're supposed to be on that will lead you to your purpose in life.”

“Oh okay…”

“So, I've noticed you crying after school, why?”

She started to stare at the floor and slouch her shoulders

“Well I'm a very happy cheery person at school but my mother just got diagnosed with cancer and everyone makes fun of me. I wanted to tryout for the cheer team but I don't want to be made fun of anymore.”

“ I'm so sorry about your mom, but, how about we get you ready to tryout for cheer?!”

“I've done gymnastics since I was 5 so I know how to tumble.”

“Great that's a start!! Okay so when are the tryouts?”


“ WOAH OKAY well then what do you have to do?”

“Well I have to get my forms in and my brother off the bus. Along with getting new sneakers.”

“Wow okay so tryouts are at 4 and its 2:30, I'll get the forms and you get your brother and shoes. Meet back here at 3:30.

I went back to the school to get the forms for Shelly. I had to be very careful that nobody saw floating papers so I went very fast.

I got back to shelley's early and roamed her house. There was pictures of her family and mother. There was some quizzes and tests from her brother hanging on the fridge.

Shelly came back just in time. I had her fill out the papers and she made her way to tryouts. I have to say, she was definitely one of the best.

“I MADE THE TEAM!!” She said excitedly.

“Yay that's awesome I'm so proud!!”

“ thank you so much I wouldn't have made the team without you”

“Aw you're welcome, I bet that'll shut the kids up from making fun of you”

“Haha I hope so”

It was then when I started to feel lighter. I was being lifted! Lifted up to heaven. I did it!! I put someone else before myself. I entered heaven and it was just as I imagined, full of dogs. I have to wait for my family but that's okay, I get to watch over them and keep them on track.


ReFlection quarter 3

  • These pieces of writing demonstrate my voice as a writer very well. With the first piece of writing, it shows my love for dogs and animals in general. Along with the first piece, the second one really shows my ability to write as a non human figure. I chose the last one because I liked how it played out, I really challenged myself with this piece. It was very hard for me to finish strong with it. I wanted something different and not cliché. It showed that I am able to expand my writing pallet and that I'm not only able to epwrite about one thing.
  • I didn't know what to expect coming into creative writing. I heard a lot of good things about it, I just didn't know how I would do as a writer. I'm feeling pretty good about this class, I feel that it has been a challenge but not a bad one. I really like how we can basically write about anything and there's no real prompt. I don't like when we have to critique with the people you choose for us, I like choosing my own partners. I don't feel that there is too much work, but when you miss a class it becomes overwhelming.

Slam poem

Yelling seems to be the only form of communication to get a point across nowadays

We yell at eachother for something we might have done

For something we havent done

We yell when we are mad

We yell when we are wrong

We yell when we are right

We yell to hurt

We yell to make a change

At times we yell because we want something

And others its because we dont want something

Something to happen or something to be done

Being scared that i was going to die on the highway as a child because yelling was driving the speeding car

Being then so scared and hugging my teddie bear with tears streaming down my face because of the yelling echoing through the dark empty halls

Wanting to go to sleep forgetting everything but not wanting my mother to get hurt

Conflicted between sleep and protecting my mother and my stuft animals

Sleep or protection sleep or protection sleep or protection protection or sleep protection or sleep sleep sleep sleep

But that's over now

Now its just laughter and silence

I will never forget those moments and the venom coming off his tounge as he spoke

So hurtful to someone who is so kind and whole hearted

I don't think we should hate because hate gets nowhere

No hate no yell no hate no yell

Just love love love

And even when you think you hate, you should love

COmic Strip

Short play

Setting: Downtown London, 2017 Modern day.


Annalise: 17, smart, kind and funny. Has weird dreams about another life

Kelly: Annalise’ best friend, 17 and very pretty. Always has a smile on her face and is very witty best friends with Annalise

Jack: very very smart, 17. Tall, captain of the soccer team and secretly likes Annalise, but is best friends with all Kelly, Sam and Annalise

Sam: 17, Jack's best friend it bright, all star but not captain.

Mr.Rio: soc teacher

Mom: Annalise’ mother

Class: class of 10 year olds who don't know anything

Scene 1 act 1

Mr. Rio: “ okay so to recap, this lesson was about how your dreams really do have a deeper meaning than you think, the next time you remember your dream, think about what it could really mean and the possible reasons of why you dreamt it.” He explained loudly to the class

The class all nods in agreement looking tired and bored.

Bell rings signaling lunch. Kelly, Annalise, jack and sam all go to their usual spot outside for lunch.

Sam: “alright am i the only one who thinks is completely psychotic? I mean come on, dreams are dreams not some deeper meaning of life, that's a load of crap”

Annalise comes and sits with her lunch and responds to sam

Annalise: “i mean i don't thinks he's wrong”

Kelly: “yeah- it's almost like déjà-vu you see or do something relative to a situation you've been in before and BOOM you get a feeling, a gut feeling so familiar it's almost like you're doing a something the same as before.”

Jack: “so basically to put it into words that sam can understand, the feeling you have when you hit on a girls, and then you realized you've already hit on her before.”

Kelly and Annalise roll their eyes

Sam and jack high five

Annalise: “don't you two talk or even think about anything other than girls?”

Kelly: “lise, that would be too much brain power for them to handle”

Annalise:”oh right i forgot, Barnes the size of a peanut”

Sam: “hey i got a 90 on my chem test”

Kelly: “yeah after cheating off of jack’s test”

Sam: “it doesn't matter how i did it”

Annalise: “okay you two calm down

Jack: yeah enough flirting

Kelly and Sam both have disgusted looks

Kelly & Sam: “EW NO GROSS!!!”

Jack and Annalise laugh at each other

Annalise: “no but really, my dreams are really weird, like scary stuff”

Jack: “what like spiders and clowns?”

Annalise: “no you dumb butt, it's more like i'm dreaming of myself but im not in my body, like im a different person.”

Sam: “oh interesting almost like you're Justin Bieber's girlfriend”

Annalise: “oh shut up i'm serious”

All four friends shake their head while Annalise hits sam in the arm lightly

Kelly: Okay let's go we're gonna be late

They all get up and go to their next class

Scene change

Act 1 scene 2

Annalise is now home from school in the kitchen with her mother

Annalise: “hi mom”

Mom: “hi honey how was your day?”

Annalise: “it was alright, im beat im gonna go take a nap”

Mom: “okay sweetie ill wake you up for dinner”

Annalise goes upstairs and takes a nap

Act 1 scene 3


Annalise is standing in a classroom wearing an old dress, she is teaching children who can't afford education. Annalise is confused as to why she's there because the last time she remembers being awake she was talking to her mom in her kitchen, wearing normal clothes.

Annalise: “who-where am i?”

Annalise is frightened and looks around to find where she is

Class: “what do you mean ms.lawson? You're our science teacher.”

Annalise: what? Science teacher no tha- wait what year is it?”

Class: its 1964, the same year its been for the past 5 months… are you okay ms.Lawson??”

Annalise: “i have to go”

Annalise walks out, trembling at the bright sunlight. She runs around to see if she can find out where she is but can't recognize anything. Until she finds Jack running around as well.

Annalise: “JACK JACK!”

Jack: “Annalise!! Oh i'm so glad i found you, do you know where we are?”

Annalise thought about it for a minute then realized something

Annalise: “wait hold on, i think i know where we are i was here the other night”

Jack: “excuse me, the other night? We're not even in the same century!?”

Annalise: “remember when mr. Rio was explaining the whole thing about our dreams and stuff? And then i was telling sam how freaky my dreams were? Yeah well this is what i was talking about.”

Jack: “okay well you could've mentioned that you were taken to a whole different time period!”

Annalise: “ sorry i must've left out that part”

Jack: “well it seems like an essential part to this whole thing. Anyway how the hell are we going to get out of here?”

Annalise: “that is something i do not know.”

Jack: “why doesn't that surprise me”

Jack and Annalise start walking around to try and find clues on how to get back to the real world

Act 1 scene 4

Annalise: “okay so i'm pretty sure we're in a dream.”

Jack: “ how is that possible if we're awake?”

Annalise: “yet again i don't know.”

They came across an old book store and went in hoping to find something

Library person: “ ah welcome Annalise and jack, we have been waiting for you.”

Annalise: “how do you know ou names and why were you waiting fro us?”

Library Pierson: “you're both going to teach the children all you know.”

Annalise: “um no we're going home.”

Library person: “no you're not!”

The library person then leaps to jack and Annalise and throws a potion on them making them stay forever.

Reflection q.4

I really loved creative writing this quarter, i really like that we end with poetry. I feel that I opened up to a very personal experience that I've had as a child and I've never really expressed that to anyone so it was nice to write that down and finally say it out loud. The comic strip was definitely something different, I enjoyed drawing my animals and creating a story to go with those drawings.


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