Amateur Radio Public Service Events 2022 “giving back to our communities one event at a time”

ARPSE.org was established in 2007 as a central, club neutral resource for hams in Utah looking for opportunities to volunteer their services for Public Service Events.

Many Amateur Radio Operators enjoy participating in Public Service Events as it is a way for them to practice and better refine their operating skills. Not only are hams getting training but they are also giving back to their communities by volunteering their time for the various events.

Below is a listing of some events for the 2022 season

If you coordinate and event and would like to get it listed on ARPSE.org, please contact Brett - KC7IIB and he will get it added.

Bike MS

June 25, 2022

The event will only be a single day (Saturday) this year. Details are still being worked out, but as in years past we will likely be providing communicators at aid stations along the course as well as SAGs to support riders. If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to Brett (KC7IIB)

Wasatch 100

September 9 - 10, 2022

The annual Wasatch 100 is one of the premier Amateur Radio events in the state. Hams track runners in and out of each aid station and report the runner time to net control via packet and voice. As each of the aid stations is individually staffed, you will be working with other operators so no previous experience or special equipment is required. If you are interested in helping out please contact John (jmoellmer@wasatch100.com)

South Jordan Parade


This event is being moved to September in hopes of being able to hold the city celebration in-person. We will be providing communication support to the announcers for the parade. This typically involves relaying lineup changes from the parade officials to the announcer that you are stationed with. This is a great family friendly event. So feel free to volunteer and bring along some of the family to enjoy the parade. Please reach out to Brett to volunteer.


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