The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Part I:

Hunting points out what a civilization is, how humans are the history of civilizations, and the concept of an established universal civilization.

1. What is a civilization?

According to Huntington, a civilization is the culture, beliefs, customs and way of life of a particular area.

"The philosophical assumptions, underlying values, social relations, customs, and overall outlooks on life differ significantly among civilizations"

So what does this mean?

Civilization is defined by culture, if you wanted to know exactly what civilization you belong too, just simply look at your culture.

"Global Politics began to be reconfigured along cultural lines"

"Human history is the history of civilizations and it is impossible to think of the development of humanity in any other terms"

2. Humans are the history of civilizations.

You can trace back your civilization through your culture because they go hand and hand.

Huntington points out that civilizations provide the broadest identifications for people.

This simply means that if you really wanted to find out about a certain type of people, look at their civilization. (Such as Western, African, etc.)


"Human beings in virtually all societies share certain basic values"

So what does this mean?

A universal civilization could be a common culture of things such as values, traditions and beliefs that almost everyone would consider normal or basic. The civilization is universal because certain things are common throughout a big area.

Three main ideas (Over View)

1. A civilization is the culture, beliefs and religion of a particular area.

2.Humans are the history of civilizations

3. A universal civilization is shared beliefs, values, customs, considered to be normal to almost everyone in that area.

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