Dogs are Better Well Trained New Puppy Owners Should Implement Consistant Discipline

These dogs were trained as puppies every day for at least a few minutes.

Well worth the hard work and determination

Behavior issues in dogs begin at a young age but can be stopped or prevented by consistent puppy owners doing disciplined training.

Dogs pleasing themselves to the trash can, begging for negative attention. The leader here is clearly one of the dogs, not the owner.

Pulling to gain attention or control possibly showing desire to be the leader over the owner.

Owner getting instruction to command her dog. While this is a great step to take for a misbehaving dog, it is much easier to train a puppy than it is an older or bigger dog.

Puppies are attentive at some points during the day, continual disciplined training will reinforce to the dog that there is a purpose for the training. Consistent training keeps that attentiveness alive each new day that a puppy is trained, which will lead to a more disciplined dog in the future.


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