Goal Planning 2021 Sharing the Tools to Plan and Achieve in 2021

My dad always said, Failing to plan is planning to fail. Over the years I've had to manage, being a Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Employee. The hats we wear go on and on.

How can we as women with so many responsiblities continue to pursue our own callings while managing all the hats we wear?

You can do it, with a little planning
Look, the only way you can use these 24 hours in a day is to manage the time you're given.

My 2021 Goal is to share the goal setting tools I use every week to plan out the steps I take to achieve goals in my life.

I've used these same tools for years and it has worked to achieve my bodybuilding goals, Become a Registered Nurse, Finish my Masters degree in Nursing and manage my home and family goals.

You've been praying for an answer, here you go. The same Goal Planning workshop that helped Jenn, can help you reach your goals. Here are her results, "After your Zoom workshop I achieved 5 of my goals in just 20 days" I'm offering to you.

Take this course and utilize these skills consistently, You will see movement and results towards your goals.

What is included:

*Brainstorming ideas

*Plan your 2021 goals

*Space to write your weekly scripture

*Document your goal progress for the week

*Create your daily steps to achieve your goal.

*Space for your weekly motivational quotes

The online course is available NOW, just for you.....

Created By
Stephanie Jackson


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