The blood BY Mark gRove

I am a red blood cell I'm going to be traveling though the circulatory system. I started out in the right atrium then I get pumped to the right right ventricle then I go though the pulmonary valve then thought there and to the pulmonary artery when I go though the there I it connect to the lungs thought there I when to the left ventral the to the aortic similar then I got sent out to the rest of the body to give oxygen to the body I saw bicuspid after that I whent to the elbow to give oxgin there and I meet up with more red blood cells to go around the cycle again and again till my body die it fun being a red blood cell. While I make it back to right atrium I go up the esapaes and through the nose cavitie when I come down I see the lanrnex and the windpipe when I finally get back to the right atrium when I was in the windpipe I was an air molecule I saw avilos and platelets are small colorless bodies that release coagulation chemicals. And I also saw avilos they lay at the end of each broncilio and they are small air sacks each inhalation it inflates the avilo. And when I whent up the to the nose cavie I saw the pharynx it's connected to the traca also know as the windpipe. When I when back the the right atrium I saw veins carrying out oxygen poor blood back to the heart form the body. Next I saw the aris they carry blood from the lungs to the body.

The heart


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