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The purpose of this portfolio is to prepare students majoring in Graphic Communications as they begin taking graphics courses from their first semester.


Since the Graphic Communications program requires you to complete one semester of college mathematics, prepare by completing the appropriate math courses in high school. We also recommend courses in writing, science, business and technology education—particularly graphic communications.

In addition to general education studies, you’ll begin taking graphics courses from your very first semester. Courses taken in the first year might include English, speech, math, science, humanities and introductory courses in cross-media graphics and graphics software tools.

As you move forward through the program and satisfy the general education requirements, more emphasis is placed upon the professional management and the graphics technology courses. Professional management courses provide a solid background in business and management.

Technology courses cover the entire process of graphic communications, from design to delivery. Hands-on laboratory experiences help you develop skills in the creation and reproduction of graphic products and services.

Graduates find positions across the entire breadth of the graphics field and are hired by publishers, marketing firms, printing companies, retailers, vendors and suppliers. Entry-level positions depend upon job experience, job demands, geographical locations, company size and the economy.

The employment rate for graduates of the Graphic Communications program has been strong over the past 27 years. In 2015–16, the employment rate was 97 percent employed or seeking further education. The average starting salary was $37,000.


The intent of this portfolio is to introduce the Graphic Communications major at UW-Stout and draw interest in the graphics industry. Also, it is an opportunity to showcase project samples from past courses.


In 2013, I pursued my interest in graphic arts and attended Moraine Park Technical College for Graphic Communications. Since starting in Graphic Communications, I have had the opportunity and freedom to experiment and explore my ideas and skills. I have been able to develop and expand my visual communication skills and create effective imagery.

Video gaming has always been a interests for me since an early age. I still play video games from time to time and still have all my collection of games from Windows to the Playstation 2. I also enjoy film; from anime to Asian fantasy action. My other interests include photography. I feel that there is beauty in every image after taking the images in to Adobe Photoshop to develop them.

I also feel that I am influenced by those around me as they have always inspired me; seeing how a person works and communicate with their designs. I am self motivated and open minded. I am always eager to meet like-minded people and I feel that I have the attitude, skills, and enthusiasm to be a successful designer.



UW-Stout’s Graphic Communications program is the premier graphics program in the Midwest, preparing you for an exciting career in graphics, printing, marketing, imaging or an associated industry. As a Graphic Communications major, you’ll learn to be a leader, motivator and communicator who can deal with marketing campaigns, the design process, graphics workflows, business issues and production efficiency.

The fast-growing graphic communications field uses multiple media channels for marketing and promotion. Cross-media campaigns typically include printed direct mail, e-mail blasts, web micro-sites, or social media integration and may utilize mobile technology to access related online content. Graphic Communications is often data-driven to produce personalized content for each recipient, making it more relevant and effective. It encompasses all phases of the graphics process—from design, through production and delivery of products and services. Students make great use of technology—equipment, computers, software and systems—to create a wide variety of projects. The blend of software, graphics technology, business and project management produces graduates that are in high demand. The great variety of opportunities in Graphic Communications is attractive to many different students. Those interested in art and design, graphics software, business, marketing, technology, graphic arts and communication are all encouraged to explore this program.


With new innovation and technology every year, the digital age has gained the interest in print media. However, the print industry is not dead; it is growing. The fact that everyone has moved to media online, consumers still value interactions, meaning printed products as active conversation. For an example, during meetings, it is more active to have printed products to interact with than something shown online or in a Microsoft PowerPoint. Also with the packaging industry growing, packaging has become more inherent in the market. Meaning the print industry will continue to thrive. The print industry has had a stigma of being wasteful and polluting the world. In fact, paper products are actually recycled more than other materials such as plastic, which as had a major effect in the ocean and land. While publishing online and cloud services in mega data centers are consuming massive energy.


Major: Graphic Communications

Emphasis: Graphic Design

I graduated with high honors from Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in Graphic Communications. Currently I am attending UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin for my B.S. in Graphic Communications. After graduation, I plan to move to Los Angeles, California for a career. I also have a passion in community social work as I believe that it would help communities function; conducting needs assessments and making referrals to resources in the community.

Thank you for your time.

Nraug Oo Yaj

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