To replicate the industry atmosphere, Curry College has renovated space in the Kennedy Academic Building to mirror a “ThinkTank” design studio. In this space, students can brainstorm, conceptualize, and develop dynamic systems that facilitate meaningful, consumer-based interactions. Students now have access to a digital photography studio, industry-standard Wacom tablets, and large format printers.

“We’ve designed the curriculum and the new classroom space to mirror what our students will experience in the industry,” says Alison Poor-Donahue, MFA, associate professor of graphic design. “As an educator, I want to create a seamless transition from the learning experiences in the classroom directly into the industry. We’ve raised the bar on the degree of technical rigor and creativity we demand of students while focusing on their success by supporting and developing individual creativity, intellectual knowledge, and professional abilities.”

Digital Photography Studio

Equipped with top-of-the-line Canon EOS 5D Mark IV cameras with Westcott and Godox sky track lighting system, students can stage, light and document work in the digital photo studio.

Wacom tablets

Each student has access to a 16” Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet, an industry-standard drawing tool used by today’s leading studios and agencies. The Wacom tablet offers the latest Wacom Pro Pen and screen technology built for professional artists and designers, and gives students the opportunity to create job-winning portfolios.

Large Format Printer

With a 44” Canon Large Format Printer, students are able to practice design production and printer calibration. Students can use the state-of-the-art printers to print out and display large posters for exhibitions both on campus and in regional and national design competitions.

The new studio space builds upon the newly-designed graphic design program which empowers students to become highly skilled creative thinkers and problem solvers, knowledgeable designers, and responsible professionals, allowing them to enter the marketplace confident and prepared.