EDUC 604: Welcome Foundations of Education

Each week, you’ll be provided an overview. These overviews include very important information that will help you be successful on course assignments. Please scroll down and read it carefully.


In order for us to mark you present, the Course Requirements Checklist must be completed during Week 1 between 12:05 a.m., Monday, and 11:59 p.m., Wednesday. This initial attendance record is very important, so mark your calendars to do it. If not done during the time window stated above, the Registrar’s Office may automatically drop you from the course.


You'll notice that there are two Advising Guide Quizzes -- one for the M.Ed. and another for the Ed.S./Ed.D. You need only to take the one that pertains to your degree program. You do not need to take both.


If you have not already done so, complete Financial Aid Check-in.


The assignment due date for Weeks 1 through 7 is at 11:59 each Sunday. For Week 8, however, assignments are due 11:59 p.m. on Friday. Please mark your calendar for this now so that you can work ahead for Week 8 if you need to. Administration has directed us not to offer extensions for Week 8 assignments. Therefore, all assignments must be submitted in Week 8 by Friday night.

Faith, Freedom, & Public Schools

When you purchased your textbooks through MBS Direct, you should also have purchased an access code to the Faith, Freedom, & Public Schools (FFPS) program. Once you have the code, click on the button below to enter the website and to get started on the 8-module program. You'll download the notes template from the FFPS site every week and enter thorough notes into it. Along the way, please combine the new notes template into the same Word document with your previous notes. At the end of the term, you'll submit one Word document with all 8 sets of FFPS notes in the one document.

May God strengthen you as you prepare for this new term, and may He give you courage for each new day. -- Dr. Sam Smith

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