Donald Trump What has he been doing?

By Kiran Kadakia

Donald trump America’s 45th President made a lot of promises let's see if he's made any progress. The major thing Trump has been working at is getting rid of Muslims from America and stopping them from coming in.

Supporters of removing the ban

This is shown in the fact that he makes with two different bans against majority Muslim countries all of which for some reason aren't involved in the 9/11 attacks.

The 7 countries that can't enter the US

Another focus in debbates and reasons people voted for him was that he would bring jobs back the states. So what he done on the the website “Trump has floated an assortment of policy ideas, including protective tariffs and Twitter shaming, in an effort to influence companies to stay on American soil.” all he's done is tweeted out against it.

Trump tweeting about Terrorist Attacks

This is a problem if the president thinks that just words can fix a problem. Trump’s other promises like rebuilding America's infrastructure, Lower taxes for individuals and corporations, or build up Guantanamo bay have zero progress.

Prisoner living in Guantanamo Bay

While with some of these it's really frustrating he hasn't done things America needs, there are things that he thankfully hasn't made a progress towards. Examples of these are bring back torture, withdraw from Paris climate agreement, or get rid of the Common Core according to

A major problem climate change that Trump has said "isn't real"

Some radical of these ideas such as bring back waterboarding a form of drowning people for information are being opposed by pretty much everyone.

Anti-Trump rally NY

In conclusion Trump is a wild card with what he will do but, he seems to be focused on taking down Muslims threats and not the problems within the economy or America. What do you think will happen next in the presidency?

Trumps famous hat

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