Ibstock Community College Newsletter - April 2019

Anne-Marie Blewitt, Executive Headteacher and Sophie Williams, Head of School


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Friends,

Here we are at the start of the summer term and it is already feeling very busy. Yesterday we welcomed our Year 7 parents to meet with subject teachers to discuss progress and learning with the rest of the Year group coming along on Tuesday afternoon. This morning a group of Year 7 students have headed off to Stratford upon Avon to learn everything there is to know about Shakespeare, which will help them in their English studies throughout the next two years.

Planning is already in place for the end of summer term activities and the prom committee will be meeting next week so we are all getting very excited. The Year 9 Induction days in July will be here before we know it and we are excited to welcome the Year 6 students who will be joining us in Year 7 in August.

Mr Mason is getting prepared for the Year 9 trip to Italy in June as is Mr Hemmerman who will be leading the Year 7 trip to Dorset where the students will be engaging in lots of watersports. Hopefully, the weather will be kind to everyone.

Whilst there are lots of enrichment opportunities happening for our students, our main focus is still very much on learning. Our Year 9 students are now in possession of a range of revision resources and the assessment timetable is now available to students as they begin their revision ready for the start of their final assessments at Ibstock during the last two weeks in May. We wish all of our students the very best of luck.

New School Uniform

From August 2019, there will be changes to school uniform, following a consultation with students, parents and staff.

LISS Sport will supply the full school uniform, including PE kit. However if you wish to source the uniform from an alternative supplier the Trutex codes for the individual items of uniform are provided below.

Please be aware the uniform must be Trutex.

Tartan Girls skirt code: GST-TAY

Boys slim fit trousers: TLT-GRY

Boys sturdy fit trousers: TSF-GRY

Girls trousers: GTN-GRA

Unisex Grey shorts: SPS-GRY

White standard short sleeve shirts.

All orders from LISS Sport will need to be made via their website, orders must be placed by 12 July to guarantee delivery for the new academic year. All orders will be delivered to school for collection by parents on either 7 August or 21 August between 10am - 1pm.

From 10 June the LISS website will go live with the new uniform for you to view / order.

Parents will be invited into school on Monday 10 June where there will be an opportunity for current Y7 and Y8 students to try on the new uniform before placing your order.

Current Y6 students and parents will be able to try on the new uniform during Induction evening on 4 July.


(To include one each of the following)

Navy Blazer £27.95

2 Pack White Shirts £13.95

Boys School Trousers £18.95

School Tie £6.95


(To include one each of the following)

Navy Blazer £27.95

2 Pack White Shirts £13.95

Girls Tartan Skirt £21.95

School Tie £6.95


(Uniform Pack, Boys or Girls as detailed above, plus one each of the following, 8 items in total)

Hoodie £20.95

T.Shirt £11.50

Shorts £4.95

Socks £4.25


Girls Uniform Trousers £18.95

School Uniform Shorts £9.99

V Neck Jumper £15.50

Nike Tech PE Pants £20.00

Jogging PE Trousers £13.99

Girls PE Leggings £16.00

For more information please visit; http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/uniform-information

Mobile Phones

I am writing to remind you of our policy regarding mobile phones in school. The policy has not changed and the rule is that mobile phones are not allowed on school site. This includes before and after school, waiting for the bus and on the bus until it leaves the school site.

However I am sure many students do bring mobile phones into school, but these are kept in their bags and switched off and are only used in emergencies. Because of this respect for school rules, the phone are never seen or heard and there is no issue. I am also aware that many parents feel reassured by the fact that their child has a means of contacting them in an emergency on their way to or from school. We do not expect students to contact parents during the school day using their mobile phone (in the case of illness, for example). Systems and procedures are in place at the school to cater for any incident occurring during school hours.

I must also mention that if a mobile phone is brought into school and is damaged, lost or stolen then the school accepts no responsibility whatsoever.

Recently we have seen an increase in the use of mobile phones, including listening to music, during break and lunch. This is a breach of the schools rules, as stated above, and therefore phones will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day. For a second offence, the phone will be confiscated until the end of the school day and a lunchtime detention will be issued. For further repeat offences the phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day and an after-school detention will be issued.

Thanking you in anticipation of you support and understanding.

Digital Parenting

Vodafone provide a range of Digital Parenting magazines. Each issue covers a range of topics, from cyberbullying and parental controls to gaming and peer pressure. For information please visit https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/digital-parenting/archive

What has been happening at Ibstock Community College....


On 2 April we took 22 year 7 and 8 students on an outdoor adventurous activities day! 757 students in total entered the annual Orienteering competition held at Donisthorpe Woodland. It was the first time we had entered teams. The day started with our school helping to lead and instruct other schools on what they needed to do. Our students were fantastic at giving out the maps and informing some of the primary schools where to go on the course. We were a very organised group! One of our teams finished 6th overall which was a massive achievement. Each team had 30 minutes to find as many codes as possible. Each team had something called a dibber which recorded their result electronically. Teams gained extra points if they returned within 30 minutes or lost points if they came back after it. They had to make strategic decisions as to how far and many points they would try to get to from the start line.

Kingdom Choir

Seven of our students have been selected the sing in the Kingdom Choir at De Montfort Hall this Saturday. They are the wonderful Gospel Choir who sang at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Well done and good luck to the following students;

Cyan Hillyard

Milly Thomas

Annia Stepina

Euan Lukjanenko

Mia Carter

Florence Pimperton

Tilly Medlycott

Upcoming dates

Year 7 parents evening - 2 & 7 May.

Rockley trip parents meeting - 9 May - 6-7pm.

Year 9 assessments - 13 - 24 May.

Naples trip parents meeting - 16 May - 6-7pm.

Safron Lane athletics championships - Monday 20 May.

Year 8 Jaguar Landrover trip - 23 May.

Half Term 27 - 31 May.

For further dates and information please visit http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/content/calendar.php

Contacting the college

Tel: 01530 260705

Email: icc.admin@ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk

Website: www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk

Medical Conditions

If you child has any medical issues/conditions that we are not aware of please can you inform the college.

Individual Health Care Plans - if you child has an IHCP please notify us of any changes so we remain up-to-date with your child's medical needs. Likewise, if your child has been diagnosed with a new medical condition, they may need an IHCP putting in place.

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