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Multimedia is a combination of different types of media. Multimedia includes, animations, films, games and apps. You use a range of different technology and sources that include, computers, laptops, phones, iPad's etc. I think during this course we will explore photo shop and editing skills. I would like to improve my computing skills during the multimedia course.
Martin de Pasquale creates surreal photo shop images, he explores surrealism through quirky, unusual and creates illusions that make you look again. In this picture it shows that he is essentially "mowing" his beard. Through this image you can see that the artist has used photo shop to create a surreal effect.
Salvador Dali is a surreal artist that creates work through distorted, weird and wonderful ways. He creates a sense of optical illusions, through his art. In this image "clocks" shows clocks melting with pretty scenery. This art work is unrealistic because clocks wouldn't be melting, however it is a quirky way of maybe sending the message that your time is melting away so you should use it wisely.
Bob Rodkin is the artist that created "The Banana Hammock" in this picture it explores surrealism in the way that the hammock is a banana peel and then the person inside the hammock is a banana with a realistic face. This example of surrealism is a unusual but inventive way.
photo 1 - i drew the creatures head which is a flower photo 2- I drew the body section which was meant to look like a tomato with eyes.

My 3 Designs

My surreal and crazy image, was created using Adobe Photo Shop. The idea behind this design was to have a sponge bob face, a bee body and chick legs. And it actually, surprisingly worked.
My second design was a tweety bird head, bunny ears, Peter Griffin body, hot chip legs and converse shoes. I thought this image was was quite funny and really made it look quite surreal. I used the eraser and the quick select tool to make this creature come to life.
My third creature was, a Stewie Griffin head, a sushi roll body, candy cane arms, carrot legs and nike shoes. This image was good fun to make as it was really surreal because it was quite funny as i've never seen anything like this before.

I enjoyed using photo shop as it made surreal images come to life. At first Adobe Photoshop was really challenging but that was just something I had to overcome. As a result of this the quality of my first design to my third design was a massive difference because I was learning. My favorite tool was the quick select tool as it was a quick and easy way to get rid of backgrounds, bodies, heads ...etc.


Created with images by George Alexander Ishida Newman - "Cherry Blossom"

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