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World is getting digital at a fast pace. From building websites to mobile apps, complex payment applications to dashboards and project management tools, the role of User Interface and User Experience are immense. UI & UX play the role of hiding the complexity behind the application building and providing the smooth usage to the users. There are many trends designers and developers say that will be in trend. So here we are going to see some great UI and UX trend for 2017.

UX Trends

1. Estimated time

Many of us would have noticed written ‘estimated time’ in blog posts, that is nothing but a calculated average time the blog would take to be read. if user sees the ‘estimated time‘ mentioned in the blog itself, gets some idea about the blog. In this way the probability of reading increases. It also helps in decreasing the bounce rate of a web page.

2. Chat bots

Chat bots are nothing but an application which helps users on your website to find the information or product more conveniently. Generally, users have to check the navigation, or the search filters to see what they want, sometimes they find easily sometimes not at all. So, to save the time of user and prevent him from exiting the site chat bots intervene them and gets them directly what they want.

3. Gesture and voice based interface

You would have used as well like Google’s Personal Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Bing’s Cortana. They give you instant results by reading your voice. There is no need to type and edit again and again.

4. Micro Interactions

These are small animations which make it more appealing. The main intention of adding micro interaction is to let the user know and to make him sure that some action has been performed by him. For example, while clicking a call-to-action button if it changes its colour, it easily lets the user know that the action has been performed and everything is working fine.

5. Scroll Triggered Animations

Instead of telling a long story you can allow your users to take more interest by adding scroll triggered animations. It is a type of animation where when you start scrolling the page, the visual effects and elements start to form.

6. Utilizing white spaces

Rarely someone thinks that even white spaces can be used to create great designs. White spaces are important to remove clutters from any piece of content. It also improves readability by getting the contents focused easily. The logic is simple, it’s easy to identify someone in open rather than in crowd, in case if you are crowd freak them definitely you will exit.

UI trends

1. More responsiveness

Mobiles are going to undertake the online world. Instead of keeping different websites for different devices keep single website adaptable to all the devices. Also, it’s a mandatory criterion by Google for rankings. So, getting a responsive design is a good idea to keep your users and Google both happy.

2. Mobile First

There is a difference between responsive design and Mobile first design. Responsive design is a part of mobile first approach. The new designs must be created for mobile devices in priority as in coming years’ mobile usage will be far more than large screens.

3. More parallax

Parallax designs overcome the traditional approach by giving a dynamic look to the page scroll. In parallax, the background image also moves along with the foreground in relatively slow speed. This prevents users getting bored, and it works in every device. But excessive use of parallax is not recommended.

4. More use of bold colors

in 2016 it became trendy and this year it will be more in use along with vivid colors and gradients. The screens now are able to generate more and more colour variations so utilizing that is a wise decision. So, trying a new color variation may create a trendy look for your website

5. Video content on priority

The websites which have full screen background videos are said to be getting more engagement than image background website. Videos are dynamic which catches user’s eyes instantly and are also great for story telling effectively in small duration. Videos are said to be the most traffic generation content.

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