Racing in the Rain

"We are the creators of our own destiny." Pg.41
This quote simply means that we influence our futures. What ever we choose to do has an effect on it, good or bad. In Racing in the Rain, Denny says this because what ever a driver does every second can make or break the race, they could crash or win.
"Your car goes where your eyes go." Pg. 78
This quote highlights the importance of having goals for yourself. If you don't "look" twords the future, you may never get there because you don't have a goal to reach for. You would be going through life without accomplishing anything. If you have a goal, you naturally follow its path and will hopefully reach it.
"The zebra hides everywhere." Pg. 67
The zebra on this story is just a metaphors for our fears. They are everywhere and we are constantly reminded of them. Fear is a strong emotion that can eventually control us like it did for Eve that night she cut herself, and the only way to get rid of it is to face it, and that in itself is very frightening.
"How do you know what's going to happen? Your condemning her to something before you even know." Pg. 101
When Maxwell and Trish are talking to Denny about keeping Zoe until Eve dies, when Denny speaks up. He states that you never know what will happen and that she may even get better. This is true for life, we don't know what will happen and we will never know but as Denny said, it is not right to tell, someone what to do when you don't know what will happen.
"This is why she didn't want to go to the hospital." Pg. 86
Eve never wanted to go to the hospital, even when she cut her hand, because she was afraid that she would never come out. Now that she was diagnosed with cancer, it is likely that she won't. This is important because Enzo smelled the disease and Eve felt it, but she didn't do anything. Just think if she went earlier, she could have been saved and maybe Eve wouldn't be scared of hospitals anymore.


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