Viking Art! Viking Art and Body art!



Viking Art can be found in Viking villages or towns. It can even be found on the seas, for example, there is an art to the way Vikings made their boats. Vikings loved detailed decorated things. They loved abstract and they decorated many things like weapons, jewellery, runestones, ship woodwork and even common iteams they use all the time.

This is a head of a monster on a Viking ship. It is made from wood. It is useful but not on it own. This is reliable because it is a primary source.


In every Viking home people did craft work. Men repaired tools and weapons. They carved walrus ivory and wood during the cold winter. The women made woollen cloth. Professional craft workers worked with gold, silver, bronze and pewter ( tin and lead). They made jewellery from amber and from glassy black stone. Homes and later churches had beautiful wooden carvings. Patterns included, swirling, loops and knots, and bird and animals interlaced with wiggly snakes and strange monsters

Viking symbols

This picture is telling us what some symbols mean. This is useful because these are some symbols that Vikings tattooed on to them self and it tells what they meant. This is not reliable because it is not a primary source.

-Body Art

One piece of historical evidence say that Vikings wore tattoos. . Ibn Fadlan an Arab writer was sent to Russia. Ibn Fadlan described the Rus which are Swedish Vikings and at one point he said that all the men were tattooed from the tips of there fingers to there necks. The Swedish probably got them when they were raided and trading through Russia. The tattoos were dark green figures of tree and symbols.

Art was significant to the Vikings because they used it everyday and everywhere. Vikings got everything by Art, for example their boats. If Viking were not good at crafting then they would have not been a threat to place that had seas to stop them. It would take awhile to get places and some Vikings could have died traving but because of the ships they had not as long trips. The art Viking left behind tell us that the Viking's society is very knowledgeable, creative, inventive and smart.


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