FAQ Sleep Training with The Green Bay Doulas


We know how you feel. After your new family member arrives, it seems like you may never get a full night's rest again. But we can help! Our proven methods are guaranteed to help you, and your baby, sleep through the night.

With that kind of claim, it's understandable you may have questions. Here are answers to things we get asked frequently about the Green Bay Doulas Sleep Training Method.

What sleep training method do you use?

There is no one approach that works for every child. That's why our sleep training is unique to each individual family, baby, and their situation. Other systems, videos, or books you may have seen out there tend to be rigid and take a "one size fits all" approach. Green Bay Doulas sleep training is tailored to you and your needs.

A major difference between ours and other methods is that we will be there, right with you in your home. It's hard to make rational decisions in the moment, barely awake and frazzled. Our method is to work through your unique situation, the developmental stage of your child, your home environment, and the needs at that moment. Does your baby need something, or is he/she just waking up out of habit?

We will work through your unique situation right alongside you, providing emotional and rational support.

Is this just another “cry it out” sleep method?

We are all programmed to respond to our baby’s cry, and its completely understandable to want to respond right away. But for your baby to learn how to sleep on their own, there may be some crying involved. Our methods are designed to make sleep training go as quickly and smoothly as possible, with minimal tears.

How old should my baby be for sleep training to work?

While we can help toddlers up to around four years old, it’s ideal to start early – around 12-16 weeks. Since older babies and toddlers have different needs, we will customize the program to fit. Whether it’s adapting to a regular bed or moving into a new bedroom, we can help your child sleep through the night.

How do I know if my baby is ready to be sleep trained?

If you ask 7 pediatricians, you might get 7 different answers. Prevea Pediatrics and Bellin Pediatrics and Aurora Baycare (three of our largest providers in the area) strongly recommends sleep training between and night weaning between 8-12 weeks. Other pediatricians are somewhat vague, or recommend anywhere between 3-5 months. Our opinion? Your baby is ready for sleep training when YOU’RE ready, when all caregivers all are aligned, AND you’re ready to reduce to one night feed. Your baby should also be healthy, and not in acute teething pain when you begin sleep training.

Do you recommend any books about sleep training?

No, we don’t! Honestly, all of the sleep training books contradict one another, and often lead families to WAY too much crying, and repeated failure. Why? Because it’s impossible to be consistent if you’ve got so much contradictory noise in your head! Feel free to read all the books you want, but we can pretty much guarantee that you will be more confused than when you started!

My baby used to sleep through the night, but now she doesn’t. Can sleep training help?

As baby’s consciousness grows and changes, so can their sleeping habits. When babies are newborns, they are less aware of all the activity around them and are less stimulated by their surroundings. A few months later, their brains have grown and adapted and often become much harder to keep in restful sleep

How long does sleep training take?

With our methods, babies are generally sleep trained by the first 48 hours. If needed, we can stay with you longer, but we have found that within the first two days, most babies are sleeping through the night.

Can you help us work to get baby sleeping in the same room as a sibling including twins?

Absolutely! We do this all the time and it’s really fun to see how much can change in a couple of days.

Can you help me teach my baby to sleep?

We need to talk. No, seriously. The best way to find out if your unique child and situation are a good fit for our sleep training services is to discuss it over the phone. We’ll talk through the process, ask lots of questions, and make a determination. We want to make sure that everything is in place for success.

How do I know if Green Bay Doulas can really help me?

That’s why we want to talk to you on the phone. If we feel through our conversation that we are 100% confident we can help your baby sleep through the night, then we can go forward. If the situation, or your baby’s development, are not yet a good fit for our method, then we can discuss that too. Regardless, after our sleep training, we provide four weeks of unlimited support to make sure that things stay consistent.

What if the sleep training doesn’t work?

Even though our Sleep Training Programs are designed to support you over a four-week period, if your baby gets sick or there are other setbacks, we’ll stick with you until you things work – even if that takes more than four weeks.

Do you work with families out of the Green Bay area?

YES! Beyond the Green Bay – Appleton area, we work with families within a 60 mile radius north, south, east, and west. If you live outside of that area or even in another state, I can travel to you—you would just pay for travel expenses.

Do you offer phone consultations or virtual sleep consultations?

No. We’ve found that anything less than being there, in your home, just doesn’t work the same. Our in-person sleep training method works because we have access to the exact situation that you want your baby to sleep in, and can respond to subtle cues that aren’t available in any other setting. We want to give you the best chance of success.

We have two homes. Will sleep training work for us?

Whether you have a weekend cottage in door county or a condo in Milwaukee, we can help you sleep train your baby. First, we will concentrate on getting your baby to sleep through the night in your primary home. If there are any issues with your other homes due to different situations or stimulus that affects baby’s rest, we can help you solve them too.

We travel a lot. Can you even help us?

Yes! Your sleep coach will set you up for success by sleep training your baby during a period when you’ll be at home, and then give you all the tools you need to make traveling a breeze from then on. If you’re traveling during the month you’re working with us, your sleep coach will coach you through your travels, so that your baby will continue to be a great sleeper, regardless of where she or he sleeps!

Sleep Investment Options

All packages include 4 weeks of unlimited Phone and Email Support after we leave.

What are the next steps?

The best way to start is to schedule a complimentary sleep assessment call so we can both determine whether the program is a good fit. We are excited to help you and your family enjoy restful sleep again!



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